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  1. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    What happens to the Android-beta topic? Can´t reach it today? [#10340] You do not have permission to view this topic. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/337555-ipboard-android-application-beta-1/page__st__100
  2. IP.Chat 1.2.0 Dev Update: It's the Little Things That Matter

    Nice work with the pop-up-chat, (its enabled on the demochat on this board). Is it possible integrate it more with the board, like the pop-up placed at the hook-position right on board index. My uses want to chat and surf at the same time
  3. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Could someone tell me witch files I need to update after upgrade to 3.05? Before upgrade this mod works fantastic, after upgrade I cant change any icons in the adminCP, no settings to view.
  4. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Someone solved the problem with 3.05?
  5. Feature Requests

    Is it possible to have a hook to the right of mainforum, like a lightversion of the chat so users reading the board also could see/write in in chat like latest status hook?