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    ibaker got a reaction from sobrenome in Pages SuperGrid support   
    I use Supergrid Frontpage on several databases on my site however I have one database called Classifieds that needs a slight change to the Supergrid Frontpage template. So I created a new database Template for Featured Records (index and entry templates) and  called it Classifieds_Frontpage.
    I then assigned Classifieds_Frontpage to the database. I copied the contents of the index and entry templates from Supergrid Frontpage to Classifieds_Frontpage. Basically duplicating Supergrid Frontpage so I could make my changes in Classifieds_Frontpage for the Classifieds database.
    However, the database, even though it has Classifieds_Frontpage selected in the Homepage Options, it displays Supergrid Frontpage.
    I did this with Supergrid Listing to get a different category display and it worked perfectly but the same process with Supergrid Frontpage doesn't work.
    How can I have 2 versions of Supergrid Frontpage assigned to different databases?
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    ibaker got a reaction from sobrenome in Pages SuperGrid support   
    Finally fixed it...there was a clash between your addon and another one I use for the gallery 
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    ibaker reacted to V0RT3X666 in Club Categories ( Support Topic )   
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    ibaker reacted to V0RT3X666 in Club Categories ( Support Topic )   
    No, you can get the latest version for 4.5 on his site.
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    ibaker got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Books   
    Thanks @penguinstyles
    Incidentally, I also have @Adriano Faria Movies addon installed which is a real good brother to Books
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    ibaker got a reaction from penguinstyles in Books   
    I have it installed and doesn't have any customisations for you have a look at if you like at:
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    ibaker got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Books   
    I have it installed and doesn't have any customisations for you have a look at if you like at:
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    ibaker reacted to ChrisTERiS in Movies   
    Just for presentation on what you can do with some tweaks on design. @Adriano Faria took care for the quality of code (still didn't found even a single bug), so the only that left out is some design work to make it more beautiful. Currently I'm working on the movie page and when finish I'll work on listing page.
    Please note that mobile is not yet ready, so I suggest to test it in desktop view. The only that I added is a custom field (upload type) for the Cover Photo.

    The listing page should look like this one:

    and the categories (homepage) something like this

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    ibaker reacted to Lindy in Marketplace   
    The Marketplace is a service. While you are of course acquiring third party resources, you are not obtaining them directly from third party authors and it is really no different than other app stores. Your transaction is conducted through IPS and the Marketplace is a remote service. The point here is just to dispel the silly notion that we're in "breach of contract." The EULA makes clear the fact that a renewal is required for all updates, services, etc.
    To provide further clarification, an expired license does not shut off the software and you may continue its use in an "as-is" state (at time of expiration), but it does effectively render both the license and status as a customer as inactive. It is no secret that our company is based on the recurring investment model, so while we don't want anyone to feel held hostage to renewals and we try to reasonably accommodate all customers past and present, our decisions and prioritization of goals will ultimately be in the interest of those continuing along side of us, sharing our overall vision.
    With all of that said, this topic has been discussed several times and ultimately, the Marketplace was moved to the AdminCP for what I hope are obvious reasons. A significantly improved and smooth experience for the majority of customers who want a point-and-click experience, consistent with most non-classic "forum" platforms. We want to take every reasonable measure possible to ensure that when you click to install something from the Marketplace, it will be a successful and safe experience for you. We've tightened the framework around that to ensure you're notified with seamless updates from authors and anything installed through the Marketplace framework has been reasonably reviewed by us. We made the decision to disallow manual downloads from the Marketplace as it is entirely counterproductive to the goal we set out to achieve in the first place.
    I want to stress that you are welcome to contact an author for manual file provisions if you would like and we do not prohibit them from providing it. You may also purchase from some authors directly if you wish. The only caveat for both cases is, you would use the manual (old) framework to install and update these resources manually. A warning will also be generated because these are untested files - similar to Mac and Windows. Beyond that, we're not standing in your way of using the "old school" way - we are just not facilitating it as again, it is counterproductive to our goal of something that resembles more of a proper app store and not just a repository of "files."
    I'm sorry for the disappointment to those find the previous method to work better for them. As you know, we try to take on board as much feedback as we can - after all, there's no point to any of this without customers. Nonetheless, while we've heard the feedback loud and clear, we do not intend on reversing course on downloads or policy changes, so at this juncture, I would very respectfully ask that we move on to other, more actionable feedback items.
    Thank you as always for your continued business.
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    ibaker reacted to Davyc in Marketplace   
    This is for IPS software and services, nothing to do with third party applications.  The Marketplace is an optional addition supplied as a point for buying third party resources for which IPS takes a commission from each sale.  It has been stated elsewhere that IPS barely break even with the Marketplace in terms of server resources, space, administration etc., but that's between IPS and the third-party developers.  When we 'buy' a resource we are buying from the third party not IPS, so IPS should not have control over our ability to download that purchase whenever we feel like and for as long as IPS retains the Marketplace and we pay renewals to the third-party as part of the overall purchase for support and updates. 
    As it stands right now, there is no visible way to download any third-party purchase we make as it must be installed from the ACP. For previous iterations of the IPS software before 4.5.x those resources purchased can be downloaded.
    I understand the reasoning behind the ACP Marketplace, and it is handy to be able to install direct, but as in your quote above access to that resource is conditional on having an active license, so that obfuscates the ability to install your purchases and you have no recourse to pay for renewals of the IPS software to get access to what you have paid for, thereby preventing you from reinstalling from a downloaded copy.
    As someone who will always have an active license I have no issue with this, but if ever there came a time when I could not afford a renewal fee and I hit an issue with my site and just wanted to do a refresh, I'd be stuck.  In many ways I'm playing Devil's Advocate for those who may come across this limitation.  Some clarification from IPS would be good to have so people understand what they are buying into. 
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    ibaker reacted to Adriano Faria in Movies   
    Not a issue. It is like any other app out there. When you delete a movie, it goes to ModeratorsCP -> Deleted Content and remains there for 30 days (default value of a core setting).
    You can either restore it from there or delete it permanently and re add it.
    Btw, I don’t allow to re add it to avoid duplicates. 
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    ibaker reacted to Adriano Faria in Movies   
    Sure. I’ll improve it in next version. 👍
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    ibaker got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Movies   
    This is a GREAT addon, thanks Adriano. Just a comment if I may, when you select a category as being "TV Show" only, the category listing on the index page shows the word Movies...just a thought but could the code say:
    <IF> category=TV Show, TV Shows <else> Movies <endif>
    Although the issue would be those categories that are set as both Movies and TV Shows...just a thought

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    ibaker reacted to Michael.J in Geolocation Firewall (Support)   
    This has since been updated for anyone else waiting.
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    ibaker got a reaction from breatheheavy in Nortons has labeled my site dangerous to users   
    Thanks Guys, I raised a dispute with them and all seems to be fixed now as I received an automated email saying...
    Dear Customer,
    This is an important message from Norton Safe Web. We have recently re-evaluated the contents of socialaustralia.com.au.
    The website rating is successfully changed.
    For details about this site report, you can go to: http://safeweb.norton.com/report/show_mobile?url=socialaustralia.com.au
    Thank You!
    Norton Safe Web
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    ibaker reacted to TheJackal84 in Club Categories ( Support Topic )   
    Should be ready this week at some point
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    ibaker got a reaction from ravenstone in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    I presume like many many others, I have a test/development copy installed on my local PC using xampp. Here I do all my testing and development of any changes to suit my live site first. I have this development/test environment for unit, system etc testing, I have a pre-production test environment on my live dedicated server for integration etc testing and then I have my live production environment. Nothing, I mean NO ADDONS, NO TEMPLATE CHANGES etc gets to a pre-prod environment until it is completely tested on my local PC first...this is the way I am sure even IPS do it. So why in hell can't I download and test addons etc in my development/test environment on my local PC...why has IPS stopped this with v4.5 especially when everyone is developing and testing v4.5:

    It seems like as IPS progresses further it becomes even more frustrating to use...it seems along with other licensing things IPS is trying their hardest to drive people away from IPS and straight over to Xenforo who make it easy to create what you need and manage your installs.
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    ibaker reacted to sudo in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    To be honest, apps and plugins that get abandoned are one prime reason we need a way to sensibly obtain the files to fix issues ourselves if we want. I know many wont have the skills to do that but as someone who has patched abandoned plugins for vbulletin for years I think we as customers of plugins should have some ability to get plugins manually.
    We are customers, pirates will always find a way to do what they want and they arent all lost sales but causing issues for customers will lead to lost sales. Always think of those that are prepared to pay over the concerns of those that would never pay.
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    ibaker reacted to sudo in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    I figured there would have been a way to manually grab and install marketplace files post 4.5 as I like to archive old versions and track changes but I wont be able to do that any more?
    I love the marketplace integration and it makes sense for a lot of users but a manual fallback should still be in place as well.
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    ibaker reacted to AndoMike in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    Funny, I find most of my problems with IPS has been a result of IPS' code and (lack of) review. Your company seems to be constantly looking for new ways to screw over its existing customers (upgrades wont run without active support, can't download without active support, breaking or removing big features of a previous release, killing off IP content, random things not working with minor upgrades, oh and that whole dis-honoring the perpetual license thing). I was a customer, but you never listened to any issues I had or gave a dam about them, so I switched to Xenforo, its been fantastic since. I still have my IPS license, and I may one day use it for something else, but I find the attitude of your company to leave a bad taste and this latest move stinks.
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    ibaker got a reaction from AndoMike in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    Interesting seeing that XF has had one for over 8 years with over 5,000 mods, addons etc from developers for either sale or for free:

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    ibaker got a reaction from Frode789 in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    Interesting seeing that XF has had one for over 8 years with over 5,000 mods, addons etc from developers for either sale or for free:

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    ibaker got a reaction from Ludificor in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    Interesting seeing that XF has had one for over 8 years with over 5,000 mods, addons etc from developers for either sale or for free:

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    ibaker got a reaction from Haku2 in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    Correct, it has happened to me here on IPS...before purchasing an addon I asked if the addon can do x, developer says yes, purchased addon and found it doesn't, asked developer for refund and developer says he can't give refunds.
    I have been bitten by so many developers over many many years on vBulletin, on IPS and on Xenforo...it's all the same. BUT, the biggest point I was making here is that I prefer to test addons on my own PC before testing them online. There is so much involved in testing them that I can't be doing it online...to begin with I need to take a current snapshot of my site every time and doing it online with the way my hosting is, is an extreme pain in the but compared to just downloading a copy, which also serves as a local offsite backup, and setting it up in my local xampp environment. There I can test everything without impacting my site and especially my hosting setup. By not being able to do this increases the cost of ownership of IPS dramatically for me especially in time and risk...why do you think my main site is still using Xenforo, because my main site deserves my attention the most and XF allows me to do things so much easier, quicker and better. Already the decision of comparing Xenforo vs IPS is an extremely hard decision to make, IPS are now making the decision much easier and that is not to IPS's favour in my own opinion and solution needs. The thing is, I will always speak up...but what about all those that don't and thus IPS never hear about their wrong decisions. Develop to what your customers tell you and you will always only have those customers, develop to what your non customers also want, and you may increase your customer base two-fold. In other words, If I didn't say something and just said oh stuff it and drop IPS, then you would never know how you could have had another customer...and I have 2 licenses (I have 3 XF licenses) so how many more licenses has IPS not sold??? Cost of ownership (time and inconvenience) has dramatically increased for me with IPS but at least I will say something about it...will you at least listen???
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    ibaker reacted to AA15 in Localhost Downloading of marketplace apps/plugins (manually)   
    I also agree with this, please bring back manual downloading. The marketplace download functionality is great for the ease of basic users and looks nice, but for others, I feel having a manual download option is a need.
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