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  1. ibaker


    My users have advised me that they don't want other users to see how bad they may have gone in a quiz so they have asked for the leader board to not be displayed. At this stage I have suggested to just show the top 3. So can anyone help me with how I can limit the leader records to just display the top 3,
  2. Thanks Paul...I tried to just change the span to a div and that doesn't work that good. To start with it doesn't wrap the text portion under the image
  3. Can anyone assist in the html I need to do this? I would like to create an editor button that when clicked would place a highlighted image with text to the side of existing text like the image with the text underneath it in this screenshot: I have created a button to set an image to the right: <span style="float: right; margin-left: 8px; clear: both;">{content}</span> But I have no idea how to make the text to be the same width of the image as in the above screen shot. Any help is greatly appreciated...thanks
  4. I use Supergrid Frontpage on several databases on my site however I have one database called Classifieds that needs a slight change to the Supergrid Frontpage template. So I created a new database Template for Featured Records (index and entry templates) and called it Classifieds_Frontpage. I then assigned Classifieds_Frontpage to the database. I copied the contents of the index and entry templates from Supergrid Frontpage to Classifieds_Frontpage. Basically duplicating Supergrid Frontpage so I could make my changes in Classifieds_Frontpage for the Classifieds database. However, the database, even though it has Classifieds_Frontpage selected in the Homepage Options, it displays Supergrid Frontpage. I did this with Supergrid Listing to get a different category display and it worked perfectly but the same process with Supergrid Frontpage doesn't work. How can I have 2 versions of Supergrid Frontpage assigned to different databases?
  5. I don't think it is there any more with v4.5 @Adriano Faria cos if it is I can't find it
  6. Has his web address changed as ipsdev.org is not operational?
  7. I have done it this way: A guest user sees all the records in the database landing page (note I use an addon to display the individual records with an image in this screen shot): And when a Guest clicks on one of the records to view it what they see is: To help everyone else that may need this type of permissions for a database/page this what I have done: 1. In Page management create a copy of the Display template group and name the group what you like 2. In the record template of the group add the following code at the very top of the template: {{if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}} <div class='ipsPageHeader ipsBox ipsResponsive_pull ipsPadding ipsClearfix'> <div class='ipsFlex ipsFlex-ai:center ipsFlex-fw:wrap ipsGap:4'> <div class='ipsFlex-flex:11'> <h1 class='ipsType_pageTitle ipsContained_container'>Registered Users Only</h1> <div data-controller="core.global.core.login"> <input type="hidden" name="csrfKey" value="{expression="\IPS\Session::i()->csrfKey"}"> {{if \IPS\Login::registrationType() != 'disabled'}} <div class='ipsType_center ipsPad cGuestTeaser'> <div class='ipsBox ipsPad ipsSpacer_top'> <div class='ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone'> <div class='ipsGrid_span6 cGuestTeaser_left'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead'>{lang="teaser_account"}</h2> <p class='ipsType_normal ipsType_reset ipsType_light ipsSpacer_bottom'>{lang="teaser_account_desc"}</p> {{if \IPS\Login::registrationType() == 'redirect'}} <a href='{expression="\IPS\Settings::i()->allow_reg_target"}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_small' target="_blank" rel="noopener"> {{else}} <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=register" seoTemplate="register"}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_small' {{if \IPS\Login::registrationType() == 'normal'}}data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size='narrow' data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="sign_up"}'{{endif}}> {{endif}} {lang="teaser_account_button"}</a> </div> <div class='ipsGrid_span6 cGuestTeaser_right'> <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead'>{lang="teaser_signin"}</h2> <p class='ipsType_normal ipsType_reset ipsType_light ipsSpacer_bottom'>{lang="teaser_signin_desc"}</p> <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=login" seoTemplate="login" $item->url() . '#replyForm'"}' data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size='medium' data-ipsDialog-remoteVerify="false" data-ipsDialog-title="{lang="teaser_signin_button"}" class='ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_small'>{lang="teaser_signin_button"}</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> {{endif}} </div> </div> </div> </div> {{else}} and don't forget to add {{endif}} at the very bottom of the template as well 3. Open the settings of your database and in the field "Display Template Group" select the name you gave the group in Step 1 above. Hope this helps
  8. I tried that, maybe I am doing something wrong but I edited the "Content" field permissions and it made no difference:
  9. I have several databases which are used for Tutorials, Tools and Calculators etc which I want to provide only to registered logged in users. However, to entice people to register on a site you need to show them what they are missing out on by not registering. The issue with the permissions on databases/pages is to stop Guests from accessing individual records you can't show them a page listing the records that they are missing out on. For example in my case I want to show them what is available to them if they registered: BUT NOT allow them them to see/use the actual record (in this case a form tool): If you set the database/pages permissions so that Guests can't access the individual records in the database all they see is: Which does nothing to entice them to register because they have no idea what they are missing out on and what the site provides. Any thoughts on how I could fix this...like for example could I leave Guests with permissions to view but put in the actual record template an "If usergroup = Guest, display msg to view please register"...a bit messy so any other ideas...thanks (I think IPS needs to add an extra level of permissions in many areas of the suite to help site owners grow their sites)
  10. Has anyone been able to create a Statistics block for a database page?
  11. Finally fixed it...there was a clash between your addon and another one I use for the gallery
  12. Fixed...if anyone else has this issue use Support -> Something isn't working correctly to clear the cache
  13. Just upgraded from v4.5.3 to 4.5.4 and can't log out of the ACP...no drop down happens when clicking your admin avatar or drop down arrow top right of ACP...plus ACP search doesn't work...since going to v4.5 my site has always been stuffed with one issue after another and fixes just cause other issues. Can't even log a support request within the ACP No one can post or start a thread...site is now stuffed IPS is rapidly becoming a dog of a product...I am furious, I am frustrated, should have stayed with Xenforo 🥵
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