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  1. Download: ipb language Hebrew

    אם תרצה עזרה כלשהי תגיד. ליישר לא כלכך צריך לבצע את זה אם מדובר על התבנית המוכנה שבאה עם המערכת.
  2. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    Sounds better than in the past versions. Great!
  3. Download: ipb language Hebrew

    עדן כל הכבוד לך אם באמת תרגמת הכל מילה במילה, לי זה לקח למעלה משבועיים לתרגם את המערכת הזו כמו שצריך אחד לאחד. בנוגע לעברית, Dashboard זה לא לוח מחוונים כמו ברכב חחח dashboard הכוונה ללוח בקרה. בו מוצגים כל האייקונים הראשיים.
  4. app=languages on your website. that people could translate their own built-in translation packs.
  5. Hello, I would like to know if you removed the app or moved it.
  6. ZendCon 2013

    We are not going anywhere. :) with you for life. I admire your capability to get benefits from this announcement.
  7. You are currently viewing language strings that have been updated in a newer version of IP.Board, but not yet updated in Hebrew. Click here to reset filters. It has already translated! may there is a problem with the system of the "Languages". Hebrew language pack has no "strings that have been updated in a newer version of IP.Board" because most of them are "the same" as been last year on 2011.
  8. Auto-Upgrader

    Very interesting... :)
  9. Hello, The translation app has an internal error (500) http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=languages
  10. There is a bug in the translation feature. While going to the Gallery it shows "90%" when it's actually 100% translated. I went to the Gallery (clicked on Untranslated Text) and saw: "We could not find any outstanding entries for this language pack" .....Have a nice day.
  11. I couldn't realize the way it's working and now you've opened my mind, thanks! There should be a thing that will let people know "how much strings the user has made for X" lang pack and not only in generally. it's not that matter, but it can really help for those who think "Hey, is there a chance the german lang pack has some new strings that I don't have?" which is not the truth. Don't be angry, it takes me a little bit of time to realize what is happening here.. XD then excuse me please.. Thanks!
  12. Is it possible if you could do a few coloring changes to my skin?

  13. http://community.inv...p?app=languages I'm confused 'cause in the top contributors that states there is a different number of contributions for each member. It's totally impossible. Each language has the same number of strings, then why the german language pack has have than 9654 strings? Can you please clean this mess? There is a big mess that must be cleaned. If there are totally 7000 lang strings, recount the number of strings and "remove" the old-strings that are not in used anymore. People are looking for a clean translation , which has the same number of strings for each language pack. Hope this will be fixed soon..
  14. 21/06 was your birthday! I wish you will have the best on skies! R.I.P :( Dad!!!! I miss you..

  15. This is the time to tell you good night..3.3.4 is coming soon.