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  1. Developer mode gives blank pages

    IPB 4.0 RC6 same
  2. License fee of IPB 4.0 for old 3.4 users

    Is it the time to renew? Or wait till RC?
  3. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Why developers decided to rewrite engine from a scratch?
  4. Download: Zelen EE 3.1.x

    Improved Zelen skin (codename Zelen EE) with brand new menu now for $11 Now with live forum demo.
  5. Download: Zelen EE 3.1.x

    Zelen skin now for only $9!
  6. Will ipb 3.1.0 support UTF8 as default?
  7. Download: Zelen EE 3.1.x

    Not yet. Will make later (next year). Don't know. Just some people said that they liked my promo videos. 2Imran Koyube, thx for reports by email.
  8. Download: (SOS30) Top Viewed Topics

    IPB 3.0.4 hook does not work.
  9. File Name: Zelen EE 3.1.x File Submitter: jurasiks File Submitted: 01 Sep 2009 File Updated: 16 Oct 2010 File Category: Light Skins Improved Zelen Skin (codename Zelen EE) with brand new menu. Zelen skin for IP.Board 3.0.x, 3.1.x http://sites.google.com/site/ipbzelen/ (original zelen promo site with images) Zelen promos on YouTube New version of Zelen skin only for $5 (five dollars)! First published skin in IPS Skin Contest category for 2009 IPS Skin Contest. Light and green. Simple and useful. Beloved by IPS community. Buy now 1) Send $5 to paypal account: buyzelen(at)gmail.com and provide email where you want to get Zelen pack. 2) You will receive Zelen.zip in 24 hours Click here to download this file
  10. Clean Cut

    Skin Contest forum was closed, how about to repost info about all skins in some division?
  11. You do some really amazing work!

  12. Please, fix in next RC. :thumbsup: