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  1. Play MP3 attachs

    Bump No one else thinks it will be greate that you can play the mp3 you upload as attach in a post? (the same goes to the swf files)
  2. Play MP3 attachs

    I don't know if its posible, but it will be great. you can attach a mp3 file, and its show for download, and you have a media bbcode with a mp3 player. If upload to my host a mp3 file and put the link in the media tag its play, why i can do the same with the mp3 attach? it will be great feature :D
  3. IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!! :D
  4. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Banning and more SEO tweaks

    It will be good that you can have the access to flag a member in his profile to a group and not only to supermod or admin. So times you got and spammer that wait for low activity in the board and pos in forums without moderator online, if you can give the option to some group (diferente to supermod) it will be great, so you can set a group with the rigth to banner in the profile group and without all the supermod rigths
  5. Size of files

    Like Pereira say, the files for ip.board are around 30 mb, the greater space is the database. My actual database is around 1.3 gb plus sphinx indexers (around 400 mb more). Its true that the size of the database depend of a lot of factors (if you purge pos and topics ald), the size of you community, etc...
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Minor Translation Improvements

    Impresionante realmente, poder traducir todo va a servir de mucho, sobre todo cuanto uno de los admins no domina muy bien el ingles :D
  7. Download: (TB) Database Optimizer

    Hi useful indeed but if any way to set the time that run???
  8. Probando la cantidad de caracteres que se pueden dejer en el perfil por las dudas. Por el momento dice que me quedan menos de 300, ahora estamos por superar la barrera de los 200 pero aun no hemos llegado. AHi si. Ahora a terminar de escribirlos por que tengo que revisarlo por que no me anda en mi foro, talvez sea un problema de campo en la base de datos que quedo mal tras un update o quien sabe..

  9. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Search Overhaul

    Kudos my friend kudos for you. Esto es impresionante, algo realmente que no me esperaba. No puedo esperar a que salga esta version, o por lo menos un beta para ir probando :D
  10. Database Optimizer

    A question about this modification. Can be set the time and date for the optimization??
  11. New PM -messenger

    Yes html/xml would be great
  12. Powered By IP.Board 3.0.0 RC 1

    0.2785 sec for me, is fast enough :D
  13. IP.Board Standard License and Conversion Sale

    And what about some discount in other programs, blogs, galery :). I say it will be nice for some of us to get the posibilite of other aplications thant complent so well ipb :D with a litle discount :D