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  1. This is happening on my forum too. No solution?
  2. Since I upgraded, I've had several members complain about the browser pop-up messages. is there a way to completely disable these notifications from happening?
  3. If anyone is interested in making your "Acronym Expansion" mobile friendly, I was able to do it on my forum with the help of some guys in the technical board: And here's what it looks like on my forum: http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/138151-commonly-used-acronyms-or-terms-used-on-phatmass/ I think this would be a great improvement to Invision's base code.
  4. That does not seem to do the trick. http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/138151-commonly-used-acronyms-or-terms-used-on-phatmass/ Update: It works! I had to change the z-index attribute in the CSS. The pop-ups were going behind the posts and I couldn't see them. Thanks!!! It works awesome on phones too. Thanks again guys!
  5. Here's what I'm trying to implement: http://osvaldas.info/elegant-css-and-jquery-tooltip-responsive-mobile-friendly And the demo: http://osvaldas.info/examples/elegant-css-and-jquery-tooltip-responsive-mobile-friendly/
  6. My forum uses the "Acronym Expansion" feature extensively. Unfortunately, it works inconsistently across browsers and does not work on mobile at all. Currently, Invision renders the acronyms in posts like this: <abbr title="United States of America">USA</abbr> I found some simple jQuery script and CSS that will turn the pop-up into a mobile-friendly tooltip if the code could be rendered like this instead: <abbr title="United States of America" rel="tooltip">USA</abbr> Unfortunately, I cannot figure out what file to edit to make this small change.
  7. The "Acronym Expansion" feature is used a lot on my forum, but unfortunately, it is not mobile friendly and works differently on different browsers. The Acronym Expansion feature seems to generate the acronym into <abbr> tags when it renders the post. I found some jQuery and CSS that will easily turn the <abbr></abbr> tags into a tooltip that is mobile friendly, but it requires that I add rel="tooltip" to the tag. I don't know what file to edit to make this change. Can anyone help?
  8. OK, but the fact remains that it will change the title of every custom topic block. If I want two custom topic blocks with different titles, I cannot do it.
  9. I would like this feature back too--but, in the meantime, I am using the limited RSS options in combination with Yahoo! Pipes to aggregate the individual forum feeds together. Might be an option for some of y'all? Update: Nevermind. Thanks alot Marissa Mayer! http://www.businessinsider.com/yahoo-kills-pipes-maps-other-products-2015-6
  10. ​This does not work. 1. quick translation only affects my account. It would not show up for my users. 2. making a change to the custom block title in the languages will affect all the custom block titles--so it defeats the whole point of having a "custom" block Again, I see little point in having the ability to create a "custom" block if the title of that custom block can't have a custom title. It seems to be a flaw or oversight?
  11. When I add "Customizable Topic Feed" or a "Customizable Post Feed" it seems odd that there is no option to change the title of that block. What is the point of being able to customize a topic feed if the title of the block always says "Topics". What if I want two custom post feeds on one page, like say, "Boy Topics" and "Girl Topics". Right now, there is no option to name the blocks, so they will both appear as just "Topics" and "Topics". Because of this, I'm not using any custom post feeds. Can you guys fix this?
  12. I have not found a way to do this in the admin area, but it would be pretty easy to do by adding a line of custom CSS code to the theme. I'll tell you how if you tell me what size you want your profile picture to be.
  13. Many users are complaining about getting 404 errors in my forum when accessing URLs that should be working. One of the things that causes it for some people is trying to post a smiley in a reply. They will get a 404 error and then the 404 error continues on the entire forum until they empty their browser's cache. This happens to me occasionally as well. Once the 404 error occurs, it keeps occurring until my browser cache is cleared. BUT, I can access the forum if I type in the "index.php". For example, this results in 404 error: site.com/forum/ But this does not: site.com/forum/index.php Any clue as to what is causing this? Anybody else getting this? It's frustrating because user's who do not know about this bug just assume the forum is down and don't bother coming back.
  14. I just successfully completed an upgrade from RC4 > RC5 without any errors. It says it was a success. Problem: Now every page in my forum is a blank white page. Nothing. http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/ I re-uploaded all files and tried again. Still blank.
  15. I put the latest posts from my Invision Forum on my Wordpress based site by using the built in Wordpress RSS widget, and the "Widgets on Pages" plugin. 1. In the Invision CP, go to Forums > RSS Mgmnt > RSS Export and create a feed 2. Then, in your Wordpress CP go to Appearance > Widgets and create a RSS widget using the feed you just created in Invision 3. Install this Wordpress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/widgets-on-pages/ 4. Go to Settings > Widgets on Pages to setup the widget and put it on any Wordpress page you want using shortcode Here's how it looks on my site (bottom right corner): http://www.phatmass.com/
  16. I actually wish there was a way to do this. My members were abusing the reputation system before I was able to change some of the settings so certain groups could only give out a certain number of points. But now, all of the points accumulated before the settings change are still there. So, yeah, I support this option. Does anybody know an easier way to reset the reputation points without having to manually edit every user?
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