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  1. Auto Welcome Support

    I twas downloaded on Wednesday But I will double check the ver #
  2. Auto Welcome Support

    Just installed on 4.1.8 - Will not allow for user authentication via email or admin approval, just goes to a error 500 page. Remove the app and everything works fine.
  3. Just to add some instructions here: Go to your Steam Profile and check your privacy settings, make sure Profile Status is set to Public. This will fix the mod if you show it working but your profile always says your offline.
  4. My apologies for sounding rude just wanting to get this working and I got no response for several days. I have followed the tutorial. and yes I entered in my profile url, all it shows in the forum is the text url, does not show any other info. Re-added my API key Double checked my Steam ID Still nothing in my profile page other than my text url
  5. The support seems to be very slow considering I paid for this mod. I'm sure I'm not to only person with the same issue.
  6. Ya I got my API and user account ID and entered them in the correct field locations. I think the issue is in setting up the custom profile addition of Steam. Basically how does a "member" add there info to this mod so that it will display there steam info?
  7. Ok I give.. I got my steam id number and entered it. I got my steam API Key and entered it. --Both under system setting/ Steam Profile. - Under custom profile settings I added Steam and followed instructions. Only thing I can think of is how I am entering my steam profile info in the custom settings. Do I use the full url? ie> http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxx for just the name xxxxxx either way nothing changes on my profile. Help lol..
  8. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    Did you set your permissions so that you can see it?
  9. Member Away

    Any thoughts?
  10. Member Away

    Liking this mod! 1 suggestion and maybe to much however, what if when they check enable away message it would put them in a user group (admin could set). We have some members that are away in Iraq and gone for say a year. Its easier for organization to keep them in a separate user group. Just a future idea would love to see. Great job!
  11. (NB34) Clan Wars

    Looking good, not sure what the emphasis on countries is all about, cant see the need to have that for inner clan battles. I do like that that its simpler than a tourney system. Will buy if this gets continued updated support.
  12. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    Any thoughts on my question a few posts back?
  13. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    I have tried explaining this here before but didnt know how to explain it correctly, I did figure out what was causing my issue sense then. My issue is with the Kenburn slider image. I was having a zooming effect if I turned Kenburn =off even if the image was 1000x344 it would zoom in. So the problem relating to this is that the Board Width is set to 1000px, I like to run my board at 80% - changing this to a larger blard will cause the slider image to "zoom" . Im not sure if it can even be fixed but can the Kenburn image code be changed to accept image dimensions vs. making board default to the 1000px which is what the slider image is as well?? I hope this makes more sense then the last time I asked lol.