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  1. i just checked my admin cp and the update is available.

    login to admin cp and go to applications and click check for updates button, should appear

  2. On 12/24/2020 at 8:32 PM, sampactu said:

    hi I currently have a custom made them that is at either 4.3 or 4.4 and I updated my software to 4.5 so now the forum is bugged so I am looking for someone who can fix this for a price I don't have any experience with coding so this is not a task for me! if there is anyone who would help me out please PM me or post below thanks for advance!

    while you are looking for someone to help with your custom theme, switch to the default IPS theme to get your forum back online.


  3. 1 hour ago, crmarks said:

    IPS is no longer able to support the feature due to changes made by Facebook, which now requires a Facebook developer account App (free) for their oEmbed system. You can however restore the embed functionality with this inexpensive plugin, which updates Facebook and Instagram embeds to use the new Facebook App authentication system.


    You have to jump through a few hoops, and spend $10, but it's worth the trouble. Once configured with your Facebook App credentials, it's pretty much a 'set it and forget it' plugin. @rebraf will help ensure future compatibility.

    When using facebook logins you had to have a facebook developer account and create a facebook app so that's nothing new, not sure why IPS can no longer support oEmbed,

    Once again a developer has stepped in and restored the feature back so quickly, not knocking the developer of the plugin. They all have my respect and thanks for restoring dropped features or improving the IPS software. Thank you all

    At this particular time i have to stop buying plugins as they all total up per year and start to make the software expensive.    

  4. 2 hours ago, bfarber said:

    the reality is that most average users are not regularly attempting to mark the forum as read (but they are regularly attempting to scroll through and read through topics). This is why the button may be de-emphasized on mobile.

    Out of interest can i ask were you get this information from ?

    Have i got big brother monitoring the actions of my forum members 😁

  5. Thank you for the reply. 👍  i really dont want to purchase another plugin.

    Can someone from staff confirm if the facebook embeds are being looked at and get them working again. If its not on the todo list please let me know one way or other. 

    Happy holidays every one

    Thank you


  6. Did i read some where that Facebook is not supported by 4.5 as embeds don't seem to be working any more ? or is it just a case that somethings changed and it is being worked on.

    If its going to be fixed in the next release, when will that be or is there a patch being released ? is there anything else effected that i am not aware of  i.e facebook logins.

    Thank you


  7. I have just purchased a new ipad pro and run the latest pc and laptop, so no problem for my self.

    From feedback i receive, not everyone has the funding to replace old devices and are stuck with there outdated devices.  i have no answers for these users.

    Understandably software developers have got to draw the line somewhere and cannot be expected to support old devices.


  8. Support did look into this issue (thanks guys) but understandably they haven't got a device with ios9 to work out what's causing the problem.  

    Shame because i have members who are using older devices with  ios9 and now cannot use the forum. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Morrigan said:

    Try clearing your site cache. Most issues like that are resolved by doing so:

    Support > Something isn't working correctly


    I did that when i first noticed the problem but Its the same on this forum so will make no difference.

    cleared browser cache also

    Thank you for your reply though

  10. Hi

    since upgrading my forum to 4.5.4 the forum on ipad no longer works correctly and cannot post replies  or create new topics.  

    Testing on invisioncommunity  forum has the same results, tried with safari, chrome, edge but all the same.

    Top right menu does not work, reply to this topic - you cannot get the editor to work (expand or open)

    Reply at the bottom of the posts, editor will not expand or open. 

    Quote button is missing aswell

    Is there any fix for the issue as users cannot use the forum using ipad ☹️



  11. 13 hours ago, The Old Man said:

    Hi, are you guys talking about this in Account Settings? It used to be a site wide activity stream setting in the AdminCP, but now it's available per user and doesn't specifically mention activity streams any longer?


    If not, apologies!


    its just a simple  "go to first unread post" link/button  within a topic.  when you have say for example 10 pages of posts. click the unread button and it takes you to the first unread post. saves looking through a topic to find the ones you haven't read.

    my members have used it since v3 days and its worked fine for them and my self, 

  12. 5 hours ago, Morrigan said:

    IPS has stated in other threads in the peer 2 peer forums that the functionality never actually worked as intended as all blocks are cached which meant the "unread" indicator was being cached for whoever refreshed the page after the most recent cache dump. So while it seemed to work it really wasn't and you really saw this issue on larger sites or sites with longer block caching.

    They have no intention to bring it back.

    i didn't ask for IPS to bring it back if you read my comment again, i was inquiring if the plugin that put this option back was going to be updated.


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