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  1. Download: Forum Passwords

    I am on 3.4.1 - does anyone know if this works on my version? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for this. I have had complaints about the same thing. This is a great addition. :)
  3. Drop Down Navigation Bar Menu

    is there a place I can post a big THANK YOU to Invision for making this available? I know they don't get much other than complaints for every little change, but the addition of the Customized Primary Menu support is AMAZING!
  4. Download: IPContent Blocks Hook Maker Utility

    I think I want to get this, but have a question about the usage. I want to mimic another hook someone built for the forums. - But, what I want is to use a topic image slider that I have - http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4725-3d-jquery-featured-articles-slider/ I would restyle the block, but I would love to stick it at the top of my forums to get some traffic going the other direction. Is this possible with your mod?
  5. This would be a FANTASTIC feature for my gaming site. We schedule game nights for specific games all the time. This would be perfect for keeping track of attendees without manually keeping a list.
  6. Download: IPContent Pages Primary Navigation Management

    I am about to add this hook in to help tie my IP.content pages into the rest of my navigation. Can this do drop down menus or anything? I notice that when the forums are displayed in a smaller size (like on my ipad) I automatically get a drop down for some of the links. Any way to make that happen manually?
  7. I have this installed and working great (awesome block btw!!!), except it is causing a Stack Overflow Error on IE8. I am not sure how to stop it. It works fine on Chrome and safari.
  8. Features removed from 3.1.4

    I'll echo the desire to have the ability to block signatures/avatars/images as a user preference. That's about the only change or removed feature that I have had a complaint I let wad worth bringing to the table. I am happy to tell my members to adapt with the others.
  9. Download: [mm31] Staff Online Sidebar Block

    Hmmm... for some reason it turns out my skin sets needed to be recached. I don;t know if it was just an unlucky coincidence or if the hook caused it, but either way it's working now. :) All I did was enter the screen to edit the skin settings (change directories names, etc.) and resave it. Edit: I just uninstalled and reinstalled the hook and the same thing happened, so something about your installer (or some settings it changes) messes with the skin sets and the folders it looks for. i.e. if I "view image" of my "branding_bg.png" file in my header it is normally in forums/public/style_images/SGCustomV2/branding_bg.png but after the installation of the hook it's now showing as forums/SGCustomV2/branding_bg.png Again - going to settings and resaving the skin fixes the issue.
  10. Download: [mm31] Staff Online Sidebar Block

    I installed this hook and really like it, but it seems to have affected my skins for some reason. Both the standard and my custom skin (recolored version of the standard) were affected. I lost part of my header image, some of my buttons. Is there some place I can find out what skin changes this made or why it might have affected me? Thanks!
  11. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    Sweet - thanks :)
  12. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    I am upgrading from RC1 (what!?) to 1.0 Final, but the instructions only offer me a how-to on going from RC1->RC2 or from RC2->Final. What am I to do? Do I need to go through each upgrade? If so, where do I get the RC2 download?
  13. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    Thanks again all :)
  14. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    Don't want to be a pain, but I think these might have gotten lost amidst all the new forum talk. :)
  15. Download: iArcade System 1.0.0 Final

    Another issue. When I get a message saying I have been challenged, I click the link to go to View pending challenges. That page I got to is completely blank. Is this broken, or do I need to do something to fix it?