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  1. @Ahmad E Very nice software suggestion would it be possible for people to Sync to Steam , people who have sync discord to Steam and you can take their profile info import into IPB like twitch etc also . I'm talking about connected apps. i hope i made sense lol
  2. Hi Guys, Just letting you know ths cert is not valid. https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6180-track-members/
  3. Hello , this TOR IP was not blocked.
  4. stll not working Please retry! If the error persists, please contact the author including in your message the error mentioned below! ERROR: #2043
  5. I purchased the update if this is a slick attempt to generate sales ? Im good until 2016 and I really need this plugin to be working at all time or I have to search other ways. Thank you
  6. my expiring date is 9/24/15 your not responsive on forums PM and Email
  7. This a joke I had the product only for about 4 months and it says it has expired Im not going to be forced into extending the date . Please fix this it says expired when I have many months. I dont want to go to paypal for a dispute so please assist ASAP
  8. Geo location is not working correctly it is tagging many IPs as undentified network , I ran a simple whois and GEO and works perfect outside your application.
  9. Hi , Application breaks shoutbox , cannot submit shouts or click on any of the menu links in the shout box , please help to resolve or I have to ask for refund please...I do not know if this is supported still thank you for your time
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