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  1. would be great to have you back

  2. The time has come, goodbye IPB.

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    2. -Calypso-


      ty Andy, the two that posted below you is an example attitude of part of the reason that we left IPB. Several coders are coming with me.

    3. AndyF


      :( am sorry to hear you are leaving.

    4. ZakRhyno


      I didn't even know you left. :O

  3. probably leaving IPB and going to vBulletin :)

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    2. Tony.M


      VB sucks!
      i had it before IPB and was very disappointed i paid so much for it

    3. I am Freddy G

      I am Freddy G

      :( less developers for ipb

    4. .Ian


      I swap your IPB for my VB licence ;) I am sure things will work themselves out though :)

  4. Download: iAnnounce

    Simple yet useful hook. Well done. :thumbsup:
  5. Download: iPoints System 3.0.2

    //----------------------------------------- // Upate iPoints //----------------------------------------- Although that word is misspelled, it has nothing to do with the operation of the mod. The "//" things comment out those words, they only server as markers so you can find the edits quickly (e.g. search the content of the file for "ipoints").
  6. File Name: Banner Ads Per Forum 3.0.0 File Submitter: -Calypso- File Submitted: 24 Dec 2009 File Category: Modifications Display A Banner Image Above Topic Index. Click here to download this file
  7. Download: IPD iPoints Integration 2.0.0

    You can run a query to set the price of them all. UPDATE ibf_downloads_files SET file_price = 5 Change the number 5 to whatever.
  8. Download: IPD iPoints Integration 2.0.0

    You can edit the download and put a value in the box.
  9. Download: iPoints System 3.0.2

    It won't, I will make it a separate application. In the v2.3.x compatible version if I wanted to update 1 then I had to update the entire mod. Look for it in the not too distant future as iLotto System.
  10. Download: Ban Member System 3.1.1

    This one doesn't have the sidebar but it's the same functions as the v2.3.x compatible one.
  11. Download: Dead Topic Protection 2.0.0

    Because they will just ignore it anyway. If they didn't notice that the topic is old as dirt then what will make them notice that?
  12. Download: Banned Member Boink_It 2.0.0

    Example: Let's say you are a member of an IPB site that has this installed, you start a ruckus, they move you to the banned group, you start raging and want to make a new account on said site so you can e-fight, this is what will happen. Demo
  13. Download: Dead Topic Protection 2.0.0

    languages in the AdminCP after you install it
  14. Download: Dead Topic Protection 2.0.0

    Not much of a screenshot as it's not a display item. It's a control item, here are the settings for it. It gives the user an error "Error: This topic is flagged as a dead topic, you may not reply to this topic." if the topic is flagged as dead according to the DTP settings and will block posting.