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  1. Examples of IP.Content?

  2. (DP34) Referrals System

    reimbursement make for IPB, Thanks, it's ok for me :afro:
  3. (DP34) Referrals System

    3 days for support..... and no answer... :mad:
  4. (DP34) Referrals System

    Can you reimbursement me my paypal paiement, because support is very long.... and i can't use the mod with this bug. i want reimbursement please...
  5. (DP34) Referrals System

    I have uninstall install and ever the same issue, user validating mail registration of ipb doesn't working... It's ever admin validation work....
  6. (DP34) Referrals System

    How can i do for have "user validating register account" for e.mail ipb and not for admin validating with referral please??
  7. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    Why you do not cooperate to make a beautiful and functional?? Good mod and good remarks...
  8. Download: Bottom Nav Box

    UP...?? Thanks
  9. GEL Studios CometChat Integration with IPB

    a link please? it's completed integrated? thanks
  10. GEL Studios CometChat Integration with IPB

    One more please Thanks
  11. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    Great also :drool: Thanks ^^
  12. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    It's "ok", i have just one page with ip.content "index.html", and if i indicate "pages" in location criteria, it' the default page of ip.content employed... i have my notice on my page Ip.content ^^
  13. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    It's ok for that, Thanks :huggles: but not always for ip.content...
  14. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    For a page create with DP32 page i indicate : index.php?app=cp&do=show&pageId=1 (and the complete url is : http://www.my-site.f...o=show&pageId=1 ) And, if i indicate a modification in location AND a request URL, does it workwork?
  15. Download: IP.Board Notices System

    Yes i Do, and not working with module "(DP32) Pages" too... In IP.content i use "Use Theme managed by IP.Board?" at yes, it is the head for fefault use... this can come from there (ditto for dp32 pages...) your mod ad code in the head.... of forum, not in content??