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  1. Change Post Author

    Very needful plugin. Five stars for that.
  2. Client Lounge not available

    After the second logging out and back in procedure its working fine again.
  3. Client Lounge not available

    Same problem here...
  4. TXT & PHP Widget

    Simple and powerful. A absolutely useful plugin. For the future I would wish an option to activate and deactivate this plugin for particular themes. This would be great!
  5. Favorite Browser?

    Opera is my favorit. But the new edge browser make a good dent on me and is my second choice.
  6. I would say relative reliable. And positive publicity always is good for the business. :yes:
  7. I think IP.Board has earned a better ranking then vBulletin, hasn't it? Then please vote for IP.Board as the best commercial forum software. :thumbsup:
  8. File Name: Mocha v1.0.3 File Submitter: bytech File Submitted: 07 Feb 2006 File Category: Professional Skins This one will make you run to your favourite coffee shop! Version 1.0.2: - Email icon with transparency - Six new custom icons to help identify one's own posts - Added transparency to five PM icons - JS file fix that prevented bullets from showing up in a few drop down menus - Two colour fixes in the CSS Version 1.0.3: - Google Adsense which was only visible to specific groups now removed. Click here to download this file