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  1. We have the users explicitly agree that they've read the rules. It makes no difference. It's like buying software and acknowledging that you've read the EULA. I tick the box, but never read the EULA.
  2. Admin Posts "Reported"

    I own my site. I'm one of several administrators. If someone had an issue with one of my posts I would expect them to report it (it's happened). And I would then expect one of the other administrators or moderators to deal with it, if it was related to my expressed views. It would be ethically wrong of me to deal with it. And to ban them for reporting me? How childish! Just because it's my site doesn't mean people won't and shouldn't take exception to my views.
  3. ipboard iphone app

    Why should they not?
  4. ipboard iphone app

    Indeed. I provided the link in a thread on our own forum (can't test it myself as I don't use iStuff), and the response was that it doesn't go anywhere. As said above, pretty unprofessional.
  5. Portal? Tutorials? Blocks?

    Ian - that is perfect - quite simple really. Roger that.
  6. Portal? Tutorials? Blocks?

    How ? I am very keen to use the portal and have the latest version installed & enabled but actually editing seems to be a big secret ... can't find out HOW. Any help gratefully received.