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  1. Hello, I purchased this but there seems to be an application file missing to run the installer. The only file available in the download is a XML file for the hook. Any ideas?
  2. http://www.chatforum.uk I opened my forum around 6 weeks ago. It's a general chat discussion board. Any feedback is welcomed.
    Great little plugin as a replacement for members online today. One thing though members names are a bit bunched up together. Would like to see a line space also after the names as it's too crowded otherwise.
  3. Yes on the forum index. Subforums are not visible enough imo without some kind of marker to get them more noticable.
  4. Hello, It would be appreicated if you put some thought into making the subofums stand out on the board index. They are hardly noticable. The other day I noticed next to one of my subforums it had a marker next to it which made it stand out and I thought oh that looks so much better. Then I noticed my other subforums didn't have this marker but then realised it was because there were new replies to read in the subforum with a marker. I feel it would be a great addition to have some kind of permanent marker next to subforums so we all know they are there for members to visit or join your community and miss these little subforums.
  5. I am with you. I love the idea of this mod and would be great to impliment it into my new community to get members posting but I need a reason for the members to gain something from having the points. What that is I don't know yet.
  6. Is there a way to stop guests viewing the member list from this group indicator?
  7. Hello, In forum view it would be good to have a small symbol showing next to a topic title if it has a poll attached to it. The reason for this is so you can easily decide on which poll you want to add by starting to type the topic title in rather than scrawling through all your topics to see which ones have polls attached.
  8. Just started a new venture 3 days ago if you are interested to check it out http://www.chatforum.uk
  9. Would just say it seemed to skip the ftp detail but that didn't matter as the upgrade went without any issues that I know of.
  10. What would be a nice addition is a hook block to show the latest 5 or so members that have received awards, small icon of the award next to their name in the block perhaps, just an idea.
  11. ​ Replied to your PM. If you don't get it this time call the FBI. Maybe email would be faster.
  12. ​Must be a bug as I still have a copy of the PM. Have sent it again via your link, thanks.
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