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  1. Manage Inactive Members

    Hello! Is it possible to view (list) members not active for a number of days? Or is the mail without seeing the list of members concerned thank you
  2. Download: Shoutbox

    Hello I can not find how to change the color of the writing (font) of the shoutbox. ( in "css" ? Where? merci ! thank you
  3. (M34) Sidebar Poll

    version 3,3 board ?
  4. [HQ] Custom Pages

    Supported IPS Software Version: 3.2.x+ 3.3 ?
  5. (Bim) X New Topics

    I test the complete change I made to your xml file and it fontionne. (see my link) There are now eight blocks on my forum. http://www.forum-placeaupeuple-fdg.fr/
  6. (Bim) X New Topics

    is just what it is? http://www.croquelavie.com/_divers/%28Bim%29%20X%20New%20Topics%20%28Sidebar%29.xml merci pour votre réponse thank you for your response
  7. (Bim) X New Topics

    question is that if I add this: {$this->_showblocks($this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_forumid5'],$this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_block5'])} {$this->_showblocks($this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_forumid6'],$this->settings['bim_xnewtopics_block6'])} line 50 and 51 in "(bim) X New Tpoics (Sidebar). xml" it adds two block? if not please explain your answer thank you
  8. Why is it impossible?
  9. (Bim) X New Topics

    In the sidebar is there a way to display more than 4 Blocks? thank you
  10. Member Map

    Hello I have this message on the forum a few seconds after seeing the map: Bad choice: Google Maps API v2 ? Google Maps API v3 Forum vers : 3.2.3 http://placeaupeuple2012.croquelavie.com/ it is a subdomain ???? thank you