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  1. Alright I got a major issue. I accidently hit "revert in the ips_style.css file after deleting a code thinking it would go back to the skin stock and not erase the skin altogehter. How do I go about fully removing and reinstalling. I tried to default the stock skin and "remove skin set". But once I removed and reinstalled I could not reinstall the images.gz because it said it was already installed. But now all my images are missing. How do I get these back up? Is it better to remove the skin from the /public/tctc91_luminous or will that not make a difference?
  2. Where in the templates do I make a change so that when someone clciks on my top logo it goes to my .com rather than my .com/forums ? Thanks Erik
  3. ToeJam


    I'm having an issue that when I add a image to a tutorial and then link that image to a url to go somewhere else it won't work. Instead when you click on it, it makes that image an independent image with a gray box around it, or gray backboard. NM, seems to be a problem with my board itself
  4. Hi, having an issue where when trying to log in as member NOTE: You MUST make sure you are first logged into the front-end as a user with permission to use the system I'm logged in as well
  5. ToeJam


    Thanks, missed it the first few times around. Thanks
  6. ToeJam


    Anyone know where I turn off the Tutorial top menu tab? Can't seem to find that option, I have Fusion Menu and I've added it in there. Thanks
  7. Marcher, thank you very much, that solved it. Thanks Planet for the note on fusion.
  8. Tom, can I get my simple question answered as to why the default skin comes back when a user signs out? IPB says they won't/can't help me with it because it's your skin.
  9. ???? Also, does this skin work with Fusion Menu?
  10. ToeJam


    It looked interesting, I'd be interested in buying but what I don't like is when the author doesn't respond back to answer questions, that's how I evaluate whether to purchase. Customer service is key with me.
  11. That worked Roc, but I lost all my logs, was trying to avoid that but at least it works now. Thanks!
  12. ToeJam


    Is this working pretty good for everyone in 3.2 ? Was thinking about getting.
  13. Hey thanks Mike for getting back to me so fast, you're one of the rares!
  14. Having an issue with the News block, when you use to limit the number of pixels or character count it was able to scroll to see the rest, now you can't, nor is there a link to go to that thread to read the rest of the thread.
  15. I've discovered I'm having another issue. I've set the skin as the default but when I log out, no matter what browser I use, the IPB skin then becomes active. When I log back in, then the luminous skin kicks back in.
  16. I upgraded my previous version tvc31 to 32, in the system setting, TVC tab is shows TVC 32, but in "Other Apps" it still shows up as TVC31 and I can't maual login (Error) or visual login button on profiles. Something else I need to do?
  17. It's been a while since I've played with skins other than default, but where do I go to change the height of band that spans across where the logo usually goes? I made a logo but when I installed it underneath is white.
  18. ToeJam


    I just learned something very useful that I didn't know existed! Thanks Michael, great MOD!
  19. ToeJam


    Is there a way to customize the error message someone gets who doesn't have permission to view it?
  20. Installed this yesterday but tested today, it's not showing current searches, and I notice in the other apps menu, it still says (DP31), I tried to re-stall and nothing. Any suggestions?
  21. I may have a setting off but when a new member gets a message below it says How do I change this so the new member can reply in case they have questions?
  22. Whoops didn't see page 2, can you PM me the newsletter. Oh, PM me when it's ready for 3.2 and I'll buy, I hardly come here that often.
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