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  1. Thank you, I think my previous setting were 200 x 225 px display size. Thanks again
  2. Here is the response I got from Invision "...Hello,As mentioned previously, to change the display size of the profile photo you would need to alter the theme. This will require a theme customization in order to change that. Unfortunately, customizations fall outside our scope of support. You can reach out in the Theme Assistance forum on our community for further assistance. As mentioned previously, this field is for the maximum image size which a user can upload and is stored on your server. It is not the display size of the image when viewing your community. As you were using a custom theme in a previous version, this could have been the size which the author made it for that particular version. However, this is purely a theme customization and not a setting in our software...." Here is a screen shot I have using your theme from 4.2 before going to 4.5 What it down sized to I remember asking this same question years ago and I think you had me change something in the html/CSS??? IDK...I'm lost...I have two groups telling me it can't be done but it was working fine up until I upgraded. This is why I hate upgrading, lol
  3. ToeJam

    Community Map

    Thanks Martin! Love the changes!
  4. ToeJam

    Community Map

    I upgrade to the newest map but seem to have lost some things, namely special profile fields visible in the map markers. How do I get these back, or to show again? Thanks
  5. Here are the settings for the profile pics The settings are the same before installing the theme But the result is a 100 x 100 as seen below, even when I attempt to reupload a profile pic, it still keeps it as 100 x 100
  6. It is the user profile pic. When I installed the theme it changed my pic size to a much smaller area. I contacted Invision and they said it's a theme setting? Can I make this change in the settings somewhere? Thx
  7. Is the theme limiting profile picture size? In my board settings I have 200px x 200px selected but it seems to be at 100x100. If so, where is the setting?
  8. Thank you guys! That was it!
  9. K, new question lol. So, I'm using the Landing Page App as a Front Page After upgrading the site some colors look thrown off and look a lil funky Where in the Theme settings can I change this? Your theme settings/color options is vast and many tabs to go through. Thanks!
  10. I just updated to the latest 4.5 Update and I can't install, I get the "Something went wrong. Please try again."
  11. Are you using the newest software update?
  12. Is this software working for the newest update? I'm getting "Something went wrong. Please try again." after hitting "Install Update"
  13. Sweet that worked! Thanks!
  14. Does this work for If so I when I hit "install update", I get the agreement but right after I hit agree I get "Something went wrong"
  15. ToeJam


    Has this been updated for 4.5 yet? I get a strange window when I hit Download
  16. So I did exactly as you asked me, pasted then hit "save" and I still get that error
  17. Sorry.....It's been some time since I've had to do this. Am I going to APPEARANCE> THEMES> MAGNUM <Edit HTML & CSS>. ------> Templates/CSS > CSS >Core> Custom> Custom.CSS ? If so I see /** * This file is for your custom CSS. * This file is not modified or overwritten during upgrades */ Do I erase those contents and paste #elSiteTitle, #elLogo {height: auto;} ??? If So I did that, saved and I still get that error or Did I just completely not do what you're telling me. Also, 2nd question. How do I set the destination if someone were to pick on the logo? I'd like to set that to a portal or such. Thanks
  18. I guess I'm starting new. I have my old logo file that I used for my site. But I need to change the logo height back to 180px, right now there is a limit of 100, how do I change that?
  19. I just updated my site and renewed this theme. Things are different now with having to go through the admin ACP, then install. How do I keep my theme settings but update it? Right now I have Theme 4.2.6. with a "Update Avail" button there, along with the new 4.3.2 Can this update or am I have to do everything all over again? Thanks
  20. I'm still not able to get a "Latest Updated Topics" to show topics in the right order after someone replies to a topic and refresh it to a top of order. Or was this not done? If it has been done, can I get a step by step? Everything I try to do changes the order a little, but still won't change the order after someone replies to one of the topics. - thanks
  21. ....Oh and before I forget, can I get the blocks to inherit permissions from forums who would allow members to see topics but cannot read? That way they can see blocks but cannot access. Pretty Please with XTRA sugar on top...
  22. @TheJackal84 That looks pretty Cool!! Will we be able to display last Topic Replied to in order as well?
  23. Ahhhhh, LoL that post up above ^ with the check mark you displayed threw my off and I was copying that. Yours are different than mine. Got it. But, now that I use the one I'm supposed to, it's showing multiple posts. Can I just show the topic that was last replied to, not the individual comments in that topic?
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