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  1. @Michael.J Sorry to pester, know you're a busy man. Whats our options on this now? Is the application going to be 4.5 compatible on the Marketplace? Any ETA?
  2. Is it not supported on the marketplace anymore and we need to buy it on DevFuse?
  3. @Michael.J I notice that its now up to 1.7 on your site, but still 1.6 on the Marketplace. For some reason, I'm at 1.4 and not seeing the 1.6 update either in the admin cp after upgrading to 4.5. Any ideas?
  4. Does anyone know how to get Points to display in the Enhanced User Info Panel mod? Tried a couple of things and hit a wall each time.
  5. I know I'm bumping this from 2yrs ago, but could you guide me in the right direction for including the Basic Points points display bit in to this on the topic view? Drawn a blank after a little play with it.
  6. Yeah, not a fan, I thought there was an issue with my install. I'll be doing the work around mentioned higher up in this thread. What was the actual aim of this change? Can't work it out.
  7. Unfortunately, the issue persists for me. Read status set as "Everything" streams load pretty quickly. Read status set as "Content I haven't read" and streams take anywhere from 10seconds up to load, depending on how far back the stream looks. I've reduced it to a few days to achieve 10 seconds.
  8. Nothing as of yet. I've changed the default unread content stream to show all content as opposed to only content items that haven't been read. Loads up as quick as expected with that.
  9. Same issue. PHPv7.1.26 MySQLv5.5.5-10.0.38-MariaDB
    Superb theme, great potential with that sidebar menu for a site with a lot of navigation. However, some bugs present and support is quite frankly, anonymous. What a shame.
  10. Version: 4.1.15 Since updating, getting an error message when sending a PM. They can compose, but upon sending, it fails and gives an EX4086. System Logs gives me this error; ErrorException: Argument 1 passed to IPS\core\Messenger Any ideas?
  11. That would be great if you could supply the file edits. I would really appreciate it.
  12. If you can set the "or Add Points" to have a negative or positive cap of say 999,999,999 that would be ideal. Same with the forum points in the admin CP, you can't enter a negative value. We use a negative value per post (normally -1,000,000) to do things like raffles where when you post, it takes the money automatically off you and then your post acts as the ticket. Silly, but fun. I'd keep it within the app personally, click points and have an "overall rankings" page. It'd also be good to make the items in the block toggle-able, so if you only wanted to see "All Time", only that would show.
  13. See attached. If I change a value in Members Points to a negative value, it says, value must be greater than 0. I'd like to be able to change "Members Points" to any value, be it positive or negative. I can reproduce a negative value if I change the "or Add Points" value to something between "-1 and -10,000 pts" and the Members Points is less than that value I'm subtracting, but we're dealing with millions, so it'd be nice to adjust that 10,000 limit if possible please. Same with the forum points, I can't subtract values if someone posts a reply or a new thread, if there's a way to change that value, that would be class. Also (demanding, I know, sorry ), is there a way of viewing a list of everyone's points totals? Currently, we can only get the top 20 via the block. If you still need admin CP access after this, let me know, I'll get it sorted for you. Cheers for taking the time out man.
  14. Manually adjusting a points total to below 0. Currently gives you an error if you select to take say 10 off someone that only has 5.
  15. Is there a way to make it allow negative values? Great app btw.
  16. Is this app aimed at an admin putting a selection of topics in there, or is it on a per user basis. So user 1 can add topic 1,2 &3 and only see topics 1,2 &3 and then user 2 can add topics 2,3 & 4 and they would only see topics 2,3 &4?
  17. Superb. Didn't think there was ever going to be a currency mod after getting duped by iCredits in to thinking the v4 release was imminent. Nice one. Love the profile tab for all their transactions, great idea. Just been playing with it now, is there a way to do the following; * Remove the +100, +200 buttons. Or an option to do so. * increase the negative adjustment of people's accounts in the 2nd row, the add column when manually adjusting. Its limited to -10000 currently, but you can edit the amount in the first row and exceed this and it still show up in the points log (which is excellent). * a hook/module to show top x amount of points owners * and as mentioned an option to change the name from points to whatever and perhaps the option of having a symbol prefixing or sufficing the points value, like a $ or £ or ¥. Again, many thanks for putting it together. Looking good and looking forward to the updates.
  18. Yeah, can't understand why this was removed.
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