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  1. @Michael.J Sorry to pester, know you're a busy man. Whats our options on this now? Is the application going to be 4.5 compatible on the Marketplace? Any ETA?
  2. Is it not supported on the marketplace anymore and we need to buy it on DevFuse?
  3. @Michael.J I notice that its now up to 1.7 on your site, but still 1.6 on the Marketplace. For some reason, I'm at 1.4 and not seeing the 1.6 update either in the admin cp after upgrading to 4.5. Any ideas?
  4. Does anyone know how to get Points to display in the Enhanced User Info Panel mod? Tried a couple of things and hit a wall each time.
  5. I know I'm bumping this from 2yrs ago, but could you guide me in the right direction for including the Basic Points points display bit in to this on the topic view? Drawn a blank after a little play with it.
  6. Yeah, not a fan, I thought there was an issue with my install. I'll be doing the work around mentioned higher up in this thread. What was the actual aim of this change? Can't work it out.
  7. Unfortunately, the issue persists for me. Read status set as "Everything" streams load pretty quickly. Read status set as "Content I haven't read" and streams take anywhere from 10seconds up to load, depending on how far back the stream looks. I've reduced it to a few days to achieve 10 seconds.
  8. Nothing as of yet. I've changed the default unread content stream to show all content as opposed to only content items that haven't been read. Loads up as quick as expected with that.
  9. Same issue. PHPv7.1.26 MySQLv5.5.5-10.0.38-MariaDB
    Superb theme, great potential with that sidebar menu for a site with a lot of navigation. However, some bugs present and support is quite frankly, anonymous. What a shame.
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