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  1. ​Brilliant - thought I had missed it somewhere!
  2. ​Hi Rhett, Thanks for the reply and whilst I appreciate your feedback, what would be handy to know would be if certain things had been fixed or addressed in the next RC? For example - I think I was on RC4 and it had the bug that sent me an email every time asking for me to approve a thread (even though that was turned off) and it would be good to see that that had been addressed. Before you all jump down my throat, I am sure I could wade through a bug tracker looking to see what had been fixed and such but I have never come across any software before that doesn't have a "changelog" -somewhere- even if it's brief! I appreciate your hard work on IPS4 and look forward to the final version Cheers!
  3. Hi guys, I must be being totally thick - but where on earth is there a changes log to see what has changed between RC5 > RC6.. infact I haven't seen one in any place at all - not in the admin panel, not in the zip download.. not pinned in here.. please tell me it's somewhere else obvious.. Cheers!
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