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  1. If I switch my site to SSL, Google map doesn't show. Is this normal? any workaround?
  2. Good! I am interested in this too, but need to know that works with latest IPB for sure.
  3. If you go to a member profile in ACP you see a button Login. Simply click and login. The problem is there is no log (at least easy way to see it) and you're visible.
  4. Also add the ability to track ALL members BY DEFAULT (that is new members too). People who need to track down actions need that. Original logs are hard to filter by sql (I am not a programmer). thanks.
  5. Thank God. I just found that, and I thought something was wrong with my installation since upgrading to 3.4.x. Unfortunately I think the author have said some time ago that sincve IPB support buildin Loginas he's not interested in upgrading the app. Let's hope he'll change his mind.
  6. What will happen next? stop future development? :huh:
  7. Is this working for 3.4.3?
  8. Will it need any change to already installed facebook or twitter setup?
  9. RObiN-HoOD

    Social Links

    Also, the colors of the icons should be a not grey and the other color but lighter versions of the full. For example, not grey-blue for twitter but light blue and full blue. For google+, light red and full red etc. Now that it's grey and small you miss them if you don't know where to look.
  10. RObiN-HoOD

    Social Links

    The tooltip on top of each icon could be customized. ie when on top of Facebook now it says "Facebook", what about " Hey, join us on facebook too :)" or something else more personalized "Hey, MemberName, Like us on FB". Not that much important but still an idea. Also, I think the icons should be a big bigger or include more versions, small, medium, large and then select from adminCP which version to show.
  11. RObiN-HoOD


    I know but I am asking because the social groups app seems to have weird bugs and I am not fond of it, so if another similar app was to arise with no big issues I may prefer it.
  12. RObiN-HoOD


    While this seems like a great mod, I thought that every team could discuss. There is no place from discussion. If you put discussions like a forum/subforum style for each team it would be great like groups.
  13. Let's all hope that our prayers will be heard for a better and improved polling system! :)
  14. RObiN-HoOD

    Social Links

    Even if you put nothing (empty) in some textbox the icons appear and the link is the website default URL.
  15. RObiN-HoOD

    Social Links

    It works 3.4.3 just fine. The thing is, what about enabling or disabling some icons? For example I don't need YouTube...???
  16. I was hopping for something like reddit with up and down arrow voting for a feature/idea. I don't know if this is useful but if we suppose that IPS needs a way to prioritize future features you need a quick list of them on a single screen with the ability to interact to them. Though feedback forums are fine too.
  17. I hope in IPS 4 they will find a way to gather ideas in one place, so all feature requests/ideas are in 1 (one) place (something like bug tracker) called idea-tracker and people can vote on each idea.
  18. Using 3.3.4, in ACP, "Overview" and "Manage Tracked Members" show the same screen, the "Overview". Is this normal?
  19. BTW, can I track all members for all actions? (or am I too crazy to ask that? :P)
  20. The first question asks if the logging is in real time, or the data are porcessed from the log files of IPB in the db, or any other method that I can not think of. Long story short, I am asking if older data are used, but since you answered that hooks are used, I guess that only live data (while online) are collected for tracking.
  21. Does this process old logs (if info is available) or from the time installed? Also, how much stress does it put on the overall IPB usage and actions performed?
  22. It seems that, we, the ones who are interested in that, are few. What a pity. What is weird is that no modder has done anything too, like most people don't vote or something.
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