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  1. ...and so I suggest to IPS to hire more developers :lol:
  2. Simplicity is one thing, I can give you that, but organization / statistics-analytics is another. My community is small so I don't really mind it that much but for big communities it would draw some conclusions seeing stats like that. After all the reasons for reports (as well as warn) are more or less known to everybody, that's why I think they could be standardized.
  3. I've said that in the past somewhere, sending a PM related to the REPORT or WARN system is important not only for convenience but most importantly to link the PM with the report or warn (that is back and forth no matter the screen). Now I just send if necessary a PM that is later trackless through endless other PM conversations...
  4. Predefined report reasons, like warn system (not to mention linking between report and warn), is a must for the future.
  5. Integration is very important. There is a need to LINK stuff, live topics with events etc... maybe even in a linked topic-event, the event it pinned on the top of the topic or even better shown on the top the screen even when you scroll down, knowing how many are participating and which friends of yours etc... A problem in my community is that except the forum (topics/posts) the rest info is lost (events, blogs, downloads). People don't easily explicitly go to look for them, so I guess you need to pop it in their face notifying them...
  6. Not really, but since you're asking I am having my community under community.mydomain.com as well as all module run under that. What about if in v4 I want IPNexus to run under eshop.mydomain.com, blogs under blog.mydomain.com and forums still under community.mydomain.com? Mostly important for IPContent under root and the rest under other subdomain / subfolders (or any kind of combinations).
  7. I think the upgrade process from v3.x to v4 is important (including info for root sites, subdomains etc) and everyone would appreciate any info on that. As far as I know the is no word on that yet.
  8. Is this mod going to be upgraded to IPS 4 when available?
  9. update: FYI if you have a direct link for a Link or a category it works/shows the screen as it should. It's just the first page showing empty!!!
  10. Hi, Suddenly my Links disappeared. When I click the main menu Links Directory I get just the footer of Links. "326 Total Links,46 Total Categories,39.746 Total Hits,0 Total Comments" The links exist, as I can see them in the ACP but in public view there is nothing. Tried recache, resync nothing. Any ideas what to do? Thanks
  11. Agreed but still not clearly understandable. Perhaps when I use the software it will but not now. I still prefer a green or red cross or something like FOUND or NOT FOUND on server.
  12. Perhaps you can add at each cache method a check if the extension is found on the system or an X if not found/known.
  13. So now which cache should we use? Which one is better?
  14. While I must admit that the new design as well as admin cp management in mobile view looks nice, I care more about the front-end, because I believe that what the users see and experience is more important that administration in mobile view. I think most administrators will still use their PC for doing admin stuff. I have endless experience touching wrong buttons in mobile view of touch-screens etc... (perhaps it's just me :P)
  15. Is there any way to see quickly how BIG are the logs from mysql or from within ACP, so we get an idea of what's happening to our forums, especially regarding logging all members?
  16. A question. Tracking ALL members for X days. What happens after X days? Stops tracking all members that got tracked from this feature only? How it works regarding which are stop tracked? and what about if in the meantime you want to track somebody indefinitely? Should you manually stop tacking and start again manually?
  17. Thanks! Also, I see that a newly member that got tracked automatically (nice) have several pages logs, which after 1st page (and on) I can't see anything??? Example:
  18. When I try to track all members I get: also if I try to prune orphaned logs, which I don't have yet any, if that plays any role,I get:
  19. I really hope so to see post edit history in IPS 4. There is already a mod for that that I personally use but still build-in support would hint that could be used in every corner of IPS if needed.
  20. This has already been suggested in the past. We still await to see the future of IP.Chat.
  21. Let's hope to see IPB Analytics soon ...
  22. +1 very handy for contests, embarrassing posts or limited privacy.
  23. With the new editor and all the plugin capabilities, is it possible for a developer (not me) to create functionality similar to word commenting (right boxes with comments tagging specific part of text)? thanks
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