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  1. Hi, I understand. I'll get back to you at a later time when you have something released. In any case I may be willing to pay for this small addition in the future if things go as planned. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am interested in something similar to your mod as I asked here (https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/416901-post-anonymously-topics-or-files/#comment-2561463 ).. Are you going to update your mod for IPB4? and if yes can you do what I need as described in my topic? thanks
  3. Hi, I am interested in being able to post either a topic (first post only) or a file (download) anonymously, in the beginning, and later having a mod change it to the true poster. Is that possible? I know that in 3.x there was a plugin for topics/posts only but not maintained anymore. This is needed because we are conducting contests and we don;t want members to know who posted what and later we reveal the true poster. thanks
  4. FYI Brandon told me in a ticket that it wil be fixed in 4.0.9.
  5. I believe you. I am just trying to find a solution to my end if possible.
  6. Any idea what to check out? any hints? FYI I copy-pasted the 20 pages into a post and it worked fine within a thread.
  7. Unfortunately I don't get to decide. It's what my lawyer told me to use. I know it's rediculus but it's just that. I tried with english text and it works fine for many pages (around 30). But I use Greek characters and when I copy-paste (as plain text) I get only 7 pages. The script shows what is saved correctly. Only 7 pages are saved and that's what you're presented to agree. So I guess there is something wrong with the field or my table/field? Is there something I can check into the db just to make sure?
  8. Great news and a couple of things: 1) Maybe a way to change the "Terms of Service" string to the right of Contact Us. 2) While the scroll works great (thanks), I still have some kind of problem with the length of the text, it gets cut after some point even in the settings. I don't know if this is a db issue of IPB or your text field. In any case if you want I can PM you with the word file and try it on your dev machine.
  9. Combine them, make them paid and put everything we wish for in it (and more)
  10. Fair enough. If you mark it for future, fine by me.
  11. Ok, I copy-pasted 20 pages of word document and while in the AdminCP TOS settings page the document is retained, in the front end only about 3+1/2 pages are shown and then it's cut, stopping abruptly. I guess you should check it out with long texts and do it as I suggested with scrolling up and down.
  12. If the terms are rather long will it show a scroll up/down buttons or show one long page?
  13. I can't find in ACP "domain cookie" setting. Is there one?
  14. I guess setting up a new db just for the conversion is a hassle for most people. While you're correct, when converting IPS should be offline.
  15. I run the conversion script for UTF8 and I choose the recommend option for 279 tables. The thing is that I always end with 1 table NOT fixed no matter how many times I run it. IPS4.php reports: any clues? Not tried full conversion because I don't know if it'll full convert only the specific table of the whole database, as ther latter will take quite some time (~1,5GB db)
  16. Is this something that a modder could do easily? I am not a programmer but I want to know if this could be done in order to pay someone for that...
  17. Will there be a functionality that an IPD file could be downloaded and/or viewed (such in topics list only view) only for specific member(s) and/or group(s) selected by the uploader?
  18. I thought that's why IPchat is hosted on IPS server...
  19. PM splitting is not complain, it's a feature I need since a lot of my members don't open new PM but continue writing in existing ones. This is bad and I know it's comming from facebook where Conversation is all one, but that's the truth. Also I expected new and/or improved functionality which I haven't seen yet IIRC Contemporary design is good and really welcome but it's now going to refresh our sites just like that.
  20. How about PM splitting ...
  21. I just hope this is not the only Messanger blog entry....
  22. Nice work. I hope that if someone has a 100 pages PM, there is a way to go to last page at once, especially using mobile. (yeap I have such users)
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