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  1. Same here. I run it manually fine but from time to time it locks.
  2. Not sure if this is of any relevance but from the moment I installed the updated version for Clubs support I get this: The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: clubrebuild. Anyone else?
  3. Ok thanks. I'll wait for a button to track all settings-selected groups indefinitely (or similar). Whatever the case please make it easy. Don't like it. Even if you go with this make a note, like IPB makes with admin password, that this can't be changed in frontend but only in ACP. Similarly instead of error, show that this info can be shown only in ACP, or even better put a link for direct ACP access into the specific LOGS (or similar) for convenience.
  4. Also, when I track the ROOT group which there is only 1 user, me, as ROOT user of IPB, in my profile I don't have a TRACK MEMBER / CHANGE SETTING button and when I click on the tab "Track members log" I get "Error code: TM - PROFILE TAB/1". In ACP -> TRACK MEMBERS -> Logs, my logs ARE logged, so logging is working for me too, but in the profile button in not shown and tab is throwing an error.
  5. Yes but I can't go to each member's profile and select each one to be tracked indefinitely. That's clearly insane. How can I select ALL current members to be tracked indefinitely? All groups CAN be tracked, as set in Settings, but in Tools there in only a "days per specific group". I need to automatically track all groups all members. How can I do that? If this is supposed to happen automatically it isn't working on me as everything is set up but nothing is logged out of the box. One solution, I guess, would be to add to Tools -> Track Members, after the number of days, a checkbox named "indefinitely" as in other places. So I can select each group to be tracked indefinitely or even better create a new Tool to automatically track all selected groups indefinitely. thanks
  6. Please do that and I'll buy it ASAP.
  7. As far as I can see from the screenshots I can only track new members indefinitely. I want to track ALL current and future members indefinitely, can I do that?
  8. (Re-)agreeing to policies, does it record it on member history?
  9. Can I use this app for tags reordering? By default I can't in the configuration of tags. In IPB4 when you add a tag it's just added at the end. I have around 40 tags. If I delete the 5th and want to add another at that position I can't. It's added at the end no matter what. If I remember correctly in IPB3 it was a big text field and you could add it wherever you wanted. Any solution to this?
  10. I'm interested in that too. Any news?
  11. In Downloads there is a Change author to change the name of the submitter but in Calendar not. I believe that it should be standard to change author ability into all content ie topics, posts, files, calendar events, pages (I don;t use them yet), etc.
  12. Wouldn't it be nicer and quicker for someone who reads COMMENTS section under a file/calendar event be able with one click to see (or go to) a members REVIEW if available? Right now I have to scan through REVIEWS to find a specific review and then go to COMMENTS section to see this members' comments, and visa versa. Opinions?
  13. Currently in calendar events the order is first REVIEWS and then COMMENTS. Support told me that this needs customization in order to change order because there is no way to do that otherwise as is. I would like to ask to be able to order that under any circumstance. Same goes to Downloads etc. Any other opinions?
  14. Great. Is this going to be just per Group or also per Files Category? which is further customization per app...
  15. Hi, I would like members (mods can already do that) be able to HIDE their own files. An idea would be based on Category. Also maybe be able to DELETE theiw own files based on their Group. Thanks,
  16. It seems that in the end it was an issue on my part. Everything seems to work now. @Adriano Faria was more than helpful with support. Thanks.
  17. Of course I have backup. This was just a test. I'll export your tables and send it to you with PM. Thanks
  18. Upon upgrading from 3.4.x to I got the following error: 1S111/1 Can't DROP 'category_title'; check that column/key exists The app is there but can't be used. Some tables are available and data seems there but not usable. I tried reinstalling, same error. Uninstalling and installing works but data is lost. Any ideas?
  19. This is the first thought that came to my mind. Please do that. Thanks.
  20. I hope this is only the start for stats. Great job!
  21. Pitty because I guess people wil not have a quick view of everything in one screen. I believe this should be adress somehow, perhaps using widgets or something but still now the same.
  22. Can an entire forum be "converted" to a club and visa versa? If yes, will it be possible to show clubs in forum index as if they where subforums just for the sake of organization?
  23. If for example a topic is promoted, is there a visual indication that the topic is promoted (or scheduled) within that content, ie while you browse the topic? This is important for mods and people who are going to use this feature. And if someone tries to re-promote it, will it get a message to re-promote promote now / re-schedule promotion? Unless promoted content can't be re-promoted anayway...
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