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  1. or how about a notification that a topic you are participating is about to close in X minutes...
  2. Nice hook! How about in VNC view too? Also something like RED letters should be better to be able to see it ... or something.
  3. Now it's working. In the meantime IPS did some debugging in my installation so it may be that or it self-corrected (unlikely). Anyway great work! Thanks!
  4. RObiN-HoOD

    Queued Items

    Oh ok. Although I uploaded all files I don't see any warning, error or something. It's either me or they are just being logged somewhere.
  5. RObiN-HoOD

    Queued Items

    I installed it successfully. I just upload ALL content of admin folder. In the instruction you say upload only the necessary according to the installed modules. I haven't installed IP.Nexus but I upload the files for it. Is that ok?
  6. RObiN-HoOD

    Queued Items

    What may happen if someone uploads all files /admin/... ?
  7. For some weird problem doesn't work for me at all. What may be wrong?
  8. Anything yet? I have the same problem with Greek characters.
  9. We may even call it "Post Versioning" :P
  10. Actually it should be easy because IP.Content is already able to do this, as far as I have understood till now. Although this should make the db a bit bigger I consider it very important feature.
  11. edit restoration per post (like a wiki) (dunno how you can call it)
  12. Very good. Perhaps you can use this to build a Bookmark tool, too. Many times I want to mark a post/topic to check some time later.
  13. Currently I use IP.Subscriptions selling subscriptions for raising donations and have the donors put in an extra group giving them extra stuff ie. more PMs. Will I be able to have the same functionality in IP.Nexus using the Donations or should I make a package for that and Donations are just for free/extra money?
  14. Features like these are nice and can be used for community supporters! Thanks!
  15. If I may suggest, when logging in as a member log in invisible, per setting or not.
  16. You should be able to make chat rooms for rent, create custom moderators for specific time ie. from 19:00 - 20:00, be able to restrict number of participants, send PMs as Chat events requests and generally be able to monetize it. I am thinking of renting specific chat rooms for promotional reasons. I would very much like to see this being possible.
  17. I nice feature would be to show the moderators that a report is being made. You click REPORT at a post, and the the form doesn't state which moderators will get the report.
  18. I have a secondary group named "Community Supporter Account". I then set the hook to be available to this secondary group and I don't see at the bottom of the page the online list. If I switch to a primary group it works.
  19. It doesn't support secondary groups, could you fix this? thx
  20. It works for Admins, and Globals (due to the setting) but other than that only the topic starters can bump their topics. I thought that any member of the selected groups could bump topics and not only the topic starters. Any chance that anyone could bump other peoples' topics?
  21. I've asked for this feature looong time ago. I believe it should be facilitated somehow (module/plugin/etc) in 3.0. So, can it be done in 3.0 somehow?
  22. : Dream, Change, Transform

  23. When someone is in the validating cycle, and tries to post, send a PM, login ... clearly show a message like "YOU HAVE NOT VALIDATED YET", check you email, spam folder etc. I am saying that because I get a lot of "I can not send post for some reason" and emails like this at my support email. thx
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