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  1. Members can't HIDE files in Downloads

    Great. Is this going to be just per Group or also per Files Category? which is further customization per app...
  2. Hi, I would like members (mods can already do that) be able to HIDE their own files. An idea would be based on Category. Also maybe be able to DELETE theiw own files based on their Group. Thanks,
  3. Links Directory

    It seems that in the end it was an issue on my part. Everything seems to work now. @Adriano Faria was more than helpful with support. Thanks.
  4. Links Directory

    Of course I have backup. This was just a test. I'll export your tables and send it to you with PM. Thanks
  5. Links Directory

    Upon upgrading from 3.4.x to I got the following error: 1S111/1 Can't DROP 'category_title'; check that column/key exists The app is there but can't be used. Some tables are available and data seems there but not usable. I tried reinstalling, same error. Uninstalling and installing works but data is lost. Any ideas?
  6. New: Member History

    This is the first thought that came to my mind. Please do that. Thanks.
  7. New: Statistics

    I hope this is only the start for stats. Great job!
  8. New: Clubs

    Pitty because I guess people wil not have a quick view of everything in one screen. I believe this should be adress somehow, perhaps using widgets or something but still now the same.
  9. New: Clubs

    Can an entire forum be "converted" to a club and visa versa? If yes, will it be possible to show clubs in forum index as if they where subforums just for the sake of organization?
  10. New: Promoting Content

    If for example a topic is promoted, is there a visual indication that the topic is promoted (or scheduled) within that content, ie while you browse the topic? This is important for mods and people who are going to use this feature. And if someone tries to re-promote it, will it get a message to re-promote promote now / re-schedule promotion? Unless promoted content can't be re-promoted anayway...
  11. Nexus / Commerce Search Integration,

    Use Redis, it's open source.
  12. Move from MySQL to MariaDB

    I moved from MySQL to mariadb 5.5 and everything works fine. Is it ok to upgrade to mariadb 10.x regarding IPB?
  13. New: Better Analytics Integration

    How about GA and Piwik at the same time?
  14. What happened with the Chat rewrite?

  15. Links Directory

    What's the upgrade procedure from 3.4.x to 4.1.x? Currently I am still on 3.4.x, doing testings for 4.1.x.