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  1. About This File

    Turbo-charge your Commerce application with a suite of powerful enhancements that extend multiple functions.  Convert more leads into business, capture lost business, and make more money!  



    • Bulk important products - Add an unlimited amount of products all at once to immediately stock your store  
    • Define custom fields to products - Specify new configurations, details, and measurements to your products
    • Recover abandoned carts - Recapture lost business with a set of automated emailed that prompt clients to pay for outstanding products


    • Statistics on the dashboard of the admin panel
    • Pay by Account Credit as Default payment method
    • Possibility to add a product to the cart via a direct link
    • Notification about product price change in the store
    • Widget: Recently viewed products
    • Improvements on the list: shippings, invoices
    • Recovery of abandoned carts
    • Improvements in the details view: invoices, transactions, shippings in the admin panel
    • Information about the quantity of a given product in the cart, including its price (information visible on the product card and on products list)
    • Possibility of cyclical import of products from wholesalers
    • Custom fields visible on the product page
    • Notification about product out of stock (product sold out)
    • Compatibility with Invision Community 4.5


    For proper operation of the application, the Commerce (IP.Nexus) application is necessary.



  2. 56 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Hey Spanner, just came across a critical issue.

    The commission and transaction fees are only taken from the base cost, not total cost.

    For example:

    We just sold an offer for a total $56.00; Base price was $25.00 and 3 variants were selected for additional costs totaling the $56.00. Since we have a 5% commission and $0.00 transaction fee, we should have received $2.80 from the total cost. Instead, it took 5% from the base price of $25.00 and gave us only $1.25.




    54 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Blue is the base cost of offer. Green are the extra variants chosen by the buyer.


    These two fixed, but

    40 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Sorry for back to back posting. I’m using mobile app and it doesn’t let me edit posts. I’ve also discovered another issue.

    The seller of the offer only received $23.75 which is the base price minus the $1.25 it gave us. They didn’t receive any of the additional variant money.



    I' waiting:


  3. On 6/7/2020 at 11:20 AM, optrexnz said:

    My users can ask questions, but the people who have made the listing are not able to answer them, what am I missing please?


    No, I check only 2 conditions:

    1. current member is owner of offer

    2. question doesn't have answer


    But in last time I found small error and your question will be shown on few offers. I fixed this in new version

  4. 23 hours ago, optrexnz said:

    My users can ask questions, but the people who have made the listing are not able to answer them, what am I missing please?


    For question can respond only offer owner:


  5. New in version 1.3.6:

    • Fix minor errors
    • Ability to create "empty streams"
    • Changes to the Twitch.tv API (ACP settings update required)
    • New statistics widget
    • Appearance enhancements


  6. 15 minutes ago, sound said:

    but if you set it to 9999 weeks then the runout date still  shows everywhere and showing say 1 june 2047 showing doesn't look very good/professional imo

    Yes, but now I don't have better solution. If you want to hide this info you should edit template -> sdsalespro -> front -> view -> offerInformation and find and remove:

    <li class="ipsDataItem">
                    <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{{if $offer->expire_date < time()}}{lang="sd_salespro_expired"}{{else}}{lang="sd_salespro_expire"}{{endif}}</strong></span>
                    <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_main">{datetime="$offer->expire_date"}</span>


  7. 14 minutes ago, sound said:

    is there any way to have a package that doesn't expire

    Currently you can set duration to 9999 weeks

    14 minutes ago, sound said:

    also I find a major issue with the app  is the terminology 

    you use 'offers' as the name of the app and also the name of the sales  items as in 'offers' rather than say 'item'

    as 'offer/s' also can mean 'bid/s' in english it can get confusing

    after all you could be saying offers for an  offer in offers

    are there any plans to redo the 'english' language ?

    Please send me on PM your proposals what change to what  and I can change 🙂

  8. 7 hours ago, Douglas Glover said:



    @Spanner are you able to let me know if/when this might be a thing? It's the only thing holding me back from launching this service to my users at the moment.

    Yes, Now I'm developing version 3.3.1 - in this version I can't add this but in next release - yes. I must rebuild comment system and this is not simple operation

  9. On 4/25/2020 at 1:51 PM, SergeFr said:


    Depuis quelques jours j'ai envoyé à plusieurs endroits chez "Spanner" "mail, forum, facebook" pas de nouvelle concernant mon souci :

    Comment résoudre mon problème.




    First of all, a bad topic 🙂
    Secondly, I wrote back to you on 2020-04-23T14:23:05Z (Check PM)

  10. 7 hours ago, ahc said:

    Yes!  So that the buyer can leave a note that will be sent to the seller after purchase.

    I'll add


    7 hours ago, ahc said:

    Okay, I looked to see if an invoice was generated and it was, but there's an issue with that.  The auction ended with the bid at $80, minimum price was set to $50.

    I'll check. You have only USD currency?

  11. Hi @ahc

    15 minutes ago, ahc said:

    What are packages?  I don't understand what they're for and how to use them.  

    This is something like virtual products for seller 🙂 Package allow you to do few things:

    1. You can create free package, but with only one use - this mean, user can create only one offer with duration (time to renewal) e.g 14.
    2. You can create paid package and receive small fee from users
    18 minutes ago, ahc said:

    When someone runs an auction, how does the highest bidder buy it?

    When auction will be finished manual or automatically. Winner is member with highest price


    19 minutes ago, ahc said:

    They aren't sent an invoice, even when we manually end the auction.

    You must have Commerce app for this and Commerce should be turned on in this category. After ending offer Commerce should generate automatically invoice and send email to winner with information "you won, and this is invoice...." and to seller with information user X win...

    22 minutes ago, ahc said:

    What is the difference between these two options when running an auction?  No matter what you put in both, the "Auction start price" overrides what is put in Auction minimal price?

    No. Start price is price which auction start. Eg you want to sell book and you set start price to $5

    Auction minimal price is amount below which you don't sell. Eg. You sell book, and you want to receive min $50. You can set minimal price to $50 and when offer will be ended and highest price will be $49 then auction will haven't winner

    25 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Is there a way to choose whether or not custom fields show up as filters?  We have some that are only meant for the seller when they upload their products and shouldn't be used as filters. 

    Yes image.thumb.png.c3132d4fb218fc5f4825da2e909e7072.png

    use option "do not allow..."

    29 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Is there a way for me to add a description underneath the "Price" field without having to do a template edit?

    You can create lang resource _desc for this field, but you must add in database


    29 minutes ago, ahc said:

    When a member goes to buy a listing, can there be text field on the pop-up window with the variant fields so that the buyer can send additional information to the seller? Example below:

    This "additional text area"?


    30 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Link previews embeds do not show offer images.  Also, when there is no price set on the offer (like an auction for example), the link embed shows a purchase button that when clicked by a member takes them to an error screen.  I would assume this button shouldn't be appearing unless a price is set?  Example of both issues below.

    Thanks I'll fix this

  12. 7 hours ago, optrexnz said:

    How is this progressing please? My users still cant contact each other to complete the trade.

    In latest version I developed: Ability to disable transfer of buyer data to the seller (only if you use the Commerce application)

    Do you need anything else?

  13. 3 hours ago, ahc said:

    Ah! I knew I wasn’t looking in the right places. I’ll take a look and try to figure it out. I’m sorry for constantly nagging you. ☺️

    No problem. I'm here to help you

  14. 4 hours ago, ahc said:

    @Spanner Quick question.  In the marketplace listing of this app, there are screenshots of the auctions that show they have an expiration date.  Where am I able to set that up?  We've created our first live auction, but there's nowhere for us to set an expiration date when creating the listing.

    Expiration date depends on package settings (setting duration time)

  15. New version released

    • Webhooks
    • Custom fields
    • Member Filter (in bulk mail)
    • Admin Dashboard block
    • New webhooks (after adding the tag, after removing the tag) (functionality sponsored by Michał Szafrański)
    • Ability to create / delete an account (e.g. if a contact in AC has a specific tag) (functionality sponsored by Michał Szafrański)


  16. 45 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Awesome! If I’m the only one who is interested, I can send you a tip for the trouble?

    Yes of course


    6 minutes ago, ahc said:

    I did come across the first bug.  One of our testers said when they went to view an offer, the page would throw a "unable to handle this request" 500 error.  I can reproduce it on my end as well.  All other pages so far are loading correctly, including the submission page.  Once you hit submit, it throws the same error. 

    I updated the app with the new version about ~45 minutes ago.


    Could you please send me more info on PM (do you have any logs in acp, how to reproduce this error)

  17. 11 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Loving the new features in the recent update!

    Thank you. Nice to hear that 🙂

    12 minutes ago, ahc said:

    Can this be set on a per category basis? Or does it have to be all or nothing?  We have categories for virtual goods and physical goods, and it only makes sense for the physical good categories to be sent the buyer's billing and shipping data.

    In this version is only global setting. If this option is desired, I can add the per category setting in the next version

  18. 57 minutes ago, Stefan Kaufmann said:

    Thanks for the info, just another question: Would there be a screenshot of the importer function available somewhere? I was not able to find one on ipsbeyond.pl and on this website. What file format can the importer handle? csv, xlsx, others...? Thanks in advance. 


    cvs or txt.

  19. 8 minutes ago, Stefan Kaufmann said:

    Hi, I am interested in this app. As IPS 4.5 is about to be released at some point (this year), will you be developing this app for 4.5 too? Once 4.5 is released, do you have an estimate until Company Directory for IPS 4.5 is released? Thanks!

    yes, I'll continue develop this application. I don't have any ETA, but I'll release as soon as possible version which will be compatible with IPS 4.5

  20. 9 hours ago, ahc said:

    Which template can I modify the menu items in?  I want to remove some of them.  (My Services = My offers)

    In current version only in CSS. In next version this will be on template


    9 hours ago, ahc said:

    + Is there any ETA on the next version with some of the recent suggestions?

    ASAP 🙂 I want to in this month or next

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