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Entry Comments posted by Spanner

  1. Quote

    EU Tax Support in Commerce
    Tax doesn't have to be taxing! But it generally is. Countries within the EU often have complex tax rates. Commerce now supports multiple tax rates for consumers, businesses and EU VAT-registered businesses.

    Great. Now I have workaround 🙂

  2. 41 minutes ago, GTServices said:

    I agree with the study ... working remotely is more productive. Plus, a company can save thousands of dollars. eg. rent, utilities, etc

    To make it work...

    1. Have weekly meetings.
    2. Use a work/project management tool such as Asana, Trello, etc. (A history of activity is very important. Not just for you but coworkers, groups, managers, CEO, etc)
    3. Make sure you take time off. 
    4. At the same time, make sure you are working. (This is really hard for people who are working remotely for the first time.)
    5. Stay active in life - otherwise, you will gain wait. Do a Spartan Race every 4 months. 
    6. I'm a Studio Windows user, I use Sticky Notes (on desktop screen) to quickly write down notes, todo list, etc ... and OneNote for research, ideas, and UI improvements, etc. (I'm sure Mac users have similar tools.) OneNote can be shared with others in the team.

    I was going to share my office space ... but I'm too tired ... I don't feel like cleaning the mess. 🙂

    This is goog point.

    I have few breaks during day.

    1. "Simulates" going to work (I have to take children to kindergarten / nursery)
    2. walking the dog
    3. break for strength exercises
    4. For developing software I use JIRA + Confluence
    5. For quick notes the same I use OneNote
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