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  1. Simplify by IPS Themes

    With Social Icon: Without Social Icon:
  2. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Looks good Tom. :smile: Ithink the the breakcrumb row gets squished when no social icons are enabled.
  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Tom - I have tweaked the skin a bit and am wondering how extensive the changes were to make the skin compatible with 3.3.4. If possible I'd rather make a quick edit or two rather than redoing all of my tweaks. Cheers,
  4. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Tom - Love the skin. I was at my mothers and noticed the "non-clickable icon" was a problem on her Macbook using Safari.
  5. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Tom - Groovy skin. Is it an easy tweak to make the area inside the red lines have a black background and the text within light grey or white? I played around a bit but couildn't get it to work out.