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  1. When using colorizer to easily edit a skin's colors, can you allow us to manually specify the HEX color code? (currently just a color choose) Anywhere else it's in this tool possible except when using the colorizer when picking those 4 main colors. Thanks!
  2. It isn't always necessarily critical, ie: "site is down" but core features of the site that don't work. For example, what if the gallery doesn't load but the rest of your forum does? Would that be considered critical?
  3. Have you considered more support staff? I don't know if this level of support is acceptable anymore.
  4. My support request was initially submitted Nov 5th (Thursday) :)
  5. ID #: 932260 Gallery is down and has been for 3 days (very important to my site), a little surprised there has been no ticket response for 3 days? I'm worried when I finally get a response it'll be the generic "run the support tool" which I have already done. Disabled plugins/apps, created new default skin, etc. problem still exists.
  6. At this point we are seriously considering converting forum software. We MUST allow members to hide or delete their gallery images as it just causes too much work otherwise. Our galleries are used like storybooks for users to showcase their work. But now certain members end up hiding or deleting their own topics/posts which we do not want them to do (if a topic starts to get heated, etc) - this is something that our moderators must do and we prefer to make examples out of problem topics instead of members handling it themselves. We really, really need users to delete or hide their own gallery images without it being applied globally to ALL their content.
  7. Feel very strongly about this also. Any comment from IPS on why this was done or if this will change? I've reported this as a bug in tickets a few times and was brushed off. Makes NO sense that we can't configure specifically what members are allowed to delete, particularly their own gallery images.
  8. Hello, Since upgrading, almost all of my members are panicking "what happened to all of our emoticons", because no one realizes via the emoticon icon in the editor only some are shown and the rest are accessible via "Categories". Can the layout be changed to more obviously include a link to "view all emoticons" or change back to the old behavior where all were shown? I think this is very confusing for users. The software has included a lot more user friendly changes, but this one is taking a step backward for sure. Thanks!
  9. So happy someone brought this up! I was feeling the same way. I have a ticket that's currently being worked on for the past week or so, and most of it was spent with what I considered "automated responses" for me to run this or run that, not actually getting anywhere. It has been a very disappointing support experience since the upgrade. I felt like no one has actually been reading my responses, as I just keep getting asked the same questions/told the same thing. It seems like people just want to reply to a ticket now as quick as possible without doing any kind of investigation or troubleshooting of their own. Very happy to hear you'll be looking into this Lindy!
  10. Still awaiting resolution of my tickets. Kind of regretting this upgrade, thought it would be easier to have issues taken care of
  11. Hello, We recently upgraded our large board to IPS 4, and we are just having some problems. One of my tickets hasn't been answered in 2 days (tasks not running - things not getting rebuilt), and another I've had technician replies just no action (automated responses to run a wizard). Is this a standard wait time for tickets right now or have mine been missed? Thanks! Really eager to get things running smoothly.
  12. Upgraded to IPS 4 with fresh files, now I want to move my emoticons over from public/style_emoticons which is now in a backup folder. Where do I move them to in order to restore them?
  13. Hello, I went to download the 3.4.x security patch from this topic but the attachment is missing? Can it be re-posted please? Thanks (I still need it)
  14. Does IPS still use CKEditor? I was just curious where the editor issues came from if it is maintained from a third party?
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