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  1. I know this is an old thread, but does anybody know how to remove this annoying people tagging feature?
  2. I am told by support that the new @ username tag feature can not be removed. The problem with this is it is allowing people to be constantly harassed on a forum, even in a nice way with people begging them for replies to their posts. Please don’t try and be social media, please try and stay what you excel at, a forum. This is a step backwards if this is mandatory and not an optional ACP feature. Ashley.
  3. New in 4.1.12: Round up

    Hello, in the new update where do we change the new custom date formatting for the forum?
  4. Invision Going Downhill

    Well we are entitled to our opinions, and I have shared mine. I feel the level of service offered, in terms of both speed of service, and the level of 'assistance' they offer without the usual 'not supported we cant help you' is singitifcally worse now than a few years ago. But I have a choice, I will simply yake my business elsewhere, and whilst I am not naive enough to think anyone will care at IPB (judging by the way they dumped us off the old hosting package) at least I know I can put my little bit of money into a company that might value my customer a little bit more.
  5. Invision Going Downhill

    I accept there will always be security flaws, but what I don't accept is the lack of pro-active notification about this recent one, and the lack of help from support today. It's not just this issue. its culmative over various issues from hosting, to support which is why I feel the company has gone downhill over the lasy 3 or 4 years.
  6. I have been using Invision software now for over 10 years for my community, and in that time the level of service as declined in the last 3 or 4 years. I now feel this latest issue is a step too far, and I don't think I am being unreasonable to expect more from the software provider, afterall, you have made hundreds of pounds off me in the years I have been a customer. After looking at my site via Google today after a user highlighted something to me, I noticed that our domain was being listed by Google as being compromised. When I looked further, it seems somehow a Russian website was being hosted from within the forum software via 'lofiversion/board' and since December too! I did add the security patch back in December when it was released, but looking on the forums it is clear this was a much bigger issue that IPB seem to have been reporting. Also, the patch was no good if the website had already been breached. Surely that little fact should have been emailed to all customer, or made clearly visible within the ACP. All I saw in the ACP was a warning to instal the patch. The other issue is the fact that thew new, and horrible quote clearly makes filtered out abusive swear words visible when a user hits reply, yet Invision don't think this is that serious and have suggested we have to wait until the next upgrade. So my advice is firstly to all users - check your own forums domain via Google, and check to make sure no dodgy .cgi or php appear in your root, and within other folders. Sadly for me, I have a popular and large community, and little time, otherwise I would be switching to an alternative supplier quicksmart, but for now, I will look at my options, and move away from Invision if I can find a better option. Not so much because I don't like the software, but mainly because I feel let down by them and their decline in service over recent years.
  7. New Quote and Swear Words

    Definitely a bug, I simply hit the quote button when I was testing and the filtered swear words appear fully unfiltered in the quote bubble of the reply I am typing. I did wonder if it was my skin, but it does it with the standard IPB skin too.
  8. This is feedback about the new IPB 3.4.2 software which you have not really taken users feedback that serious so far. A user just highlighted to me that any swear words in our filter are made visible when a user uses the 'quote' feature, until they click reply. To our knowledge this was not visible in the previous software, and I suggest this is a major flaw in the new quote that needs an immediate fix please.
  9. I did not know about that either, but it is not really overly helpful if people don't know that is a function. Overall the new quote is getting big thumbs downs from my users.
  10. My users hate it, so I do think the new quote format is awful.
  11. As requested by IPB support I am starting a new thread in the forum. In order to comply with my own local law, which also will affect all EU nations shortly, which for those in the US that do not understand, this will be much of Europe (a continent, not a country), I need a simple list of all cookies the standard board software may place on a users PC, and a brief description for each cookie. I am not asking for help implementing my local law, I am simply asking for information about your software. Based off the support responses, are IPB saying they don't know themselves what cookies their software adds to a users machine?
  12. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    It's not a country, it's a continent wide law (all EU nations, which is much of Europe). I have asked IPB to provide a full list of cookies and what they do, they have refused. That is a simple software service support request and not a request to help implement the law. So whilst I will not go as far as the original thread starter and say IPB is breaking the law, I accept that is my responsibility to comply with my local law, what I will say is that IPB are being obstinate and unhelpful to help those of us in the EU trying to comply with the law. If the same law is applied to the US at some point you will have the same problem, so just get ahead of the game and help us now, or are you saying your customers in Europe do not matter? All we need is a simple list of the cookies that the standard forum software (without mods) will possibly place on a users machine, that is not an unreasonable request, and I consider it a simple support request, but IPB refuse to answer it in support, and have told me to post a feedback post on here.... which is there way of ignoring the problem. Yes I am coming across angry, because IPB have refused to help when I pay good money to get support.
  13. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    What a stupid, unhelpful and pointless reply. My website is a charity website, so I am doing whatever I have to in order to prevent the charity getting fined in the future.
  14. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    If I am reading the law correctly, then yes, that is what you have to do. So for example, on my Drupal site there is a module that prevents the Google Analytic cookies being placed until the user clicks the agree button. Regardless of you or me thinking if this is madness or not, for those of here in the UK we have to be at least seen to be trying to find a solution.
  15. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    That is not enough because cookies are still placed by guests browsing the forums, so we still need to find a way to display a message for guests.