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    Encouraging activity of meaningful and worthwhile content is always priority number one for any community owner/staff. Our widget encourages and enhances this by taking the idea of the default IPS Top Contributor widget and instead we show the Top Posters and of course the current user logged in where exactly they fall in with the highest posting members in the community for the given time period. This will hopefully encourage said user to contribute more meaningful and worthwhile content so that they too can be a part of this elite group and be displayed for the community as a whole to see.
    Custom language string for "YOU" Custom CSS class for "YOU" line so that you can make it distinguished and tailored to your community If there is no reputation for anyone during a given time period, a message will display as so If current user is part of Top X, highlight user row and not show user at bottom Define which Member Groups you want to show up Increase worthwhile user participation   Independent Application Widget SUPPORT: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/411128-jimmo-top-posters-plus/ 
    CONTACT US: https://thejimmo.com/contact-us 
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