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  1. does this work for SSL correctly yet, as i did notice difficulties with this recently.
  2. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/128 whirlpool use this type of method.
  3. just because you use .htacces does not make it secure its still sent in plan text, i understand the login and use the SSL feature was thinking more on the lines of if activated the whole admin section would run under SSL.
  4. Hi, Security suggestion to have the admin area and logon to run under HTTPS/SSL if enabled in say the inidata.php. what does everyone think?
  5. Yes, but we have not finished configuring it yet, still a work in progress.
  6. We used System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to deploy Communicator and it seemed to deploy fine, never deployed it via Group Policies, not sure what other alternative you have other than deploying it via a logon script or create scheduled task. Firewater.
  7. To be honest, i have not tested multi-party I'm going to assume your using R2. I'm also not sure if the MOC client support multi-party video anymore as i think they are trying to get people to use Live Meeting instead. i could be wrong. Not sure Tandberg device? is this similar to a Polycom CX700? and runs a slimed version of Windows CE + Communicator Phone Edition... If your running the original beta firmware i don't believe the R2 version will allow updates at all (you have to make sure there patched to the latest R1 update), which is just ridiculously stupid. oh and you cannot manually
  8. It's a brilliant product, just finished installing and deploying R2 at work last week.
  9. That sucks, never by a first gen mapple product :) i know how you feel - deployed a lab of iMac's recently... 3 DOA. - they must come from an Acer factory!
  10. I came to bring the stars for you..:)
    Happy birthday!

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