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  1. Hi, Please can someone confirm how we can remove the sidebar (not sure what it's called) that appeared since an unintentional upgrade (long story) to Invision 4.5.x? Screenshot attached Thanks in advance Rich
    Thanks for the plugin. This has reduced the spam by around 50% but a lot still gets through unfortunately. It would be great if there could be an option to make users complete a harder version of recaptcha, e.g. mini puzzle.
  2. We have one forum which we want to be visible to members but we don't want it to be indexed by ElasticSearch. Is there a way to do this? Thank you
  3. Hi, We have several reports from our users of emails not be delivered. (e.g. notification emails from our forum), including to Gmail. I understand some go to the Spam folder. We use our own SMTP server. We are not blacklisted and we use SPF, though we have not yet implemented DKIM or DMARC. I understand in this day and age and considering the volume of legitimate emails we send, we should ideally be using a third party trusted SMTP relay such as SendGrid, Mailgun etc. Problem is some are either expensive or do not accept PayPal. Does anyone recommend a SMTP relay service that is inexpensive (less than $25 USD pcm) and also accepts PayPal? Thanks Rich
  4. I'm a little skeptical of these SEO improvements especially when Invision can't sort their own SEO out. - A search for "Invision" on Google will reveal invisioncommunity.com on the third page with confusingly similar services on page 1 & 2. Not good!
  5. I have just updated our development/test site to 4.2.0 but upon doing that, the blocks/widgets have disappeared. When I open up the Block Manager, they re-appear until I click "Finish Editing" at which point they disappear. I have tried removing & re-adding them. Something simple I'm sure. - any suggestions? Cheers
  6. I am surprised I cant find a thread on this, however in the run up to migrating to V4 we would like to do a bit of a PR exercise to sell the upgrade to the members, to offset the resistance to change and inconvenience of the migration process. Can people who have effected the change make some comments on the benefits of the new version to members, particularly those more averse to change! This can include benefits to the site staff, as the members are on the whole very supportive of our moderators. Daniel
  7. Hi, Does this work OK with 4.1.13.? Also, is there a migration process for migrating from the 3.4.x version of the app to 4.1? Thank you
  8. I must say, while we run a really fairly 'out of the box' ipb forum, the member-map is a very commonly used tool which has seen very little support at all. - Can IPB consider implementing a formal member-map add on? Our community is obviously an online one, but there is a core tradition of members spending time together in real life, meeting for a evening in a pub and getting to know each other that way, we even have a few marriages to our name, and the map is a great way of new members finding each other getting into that. Daniel
  9. I might have missed it, but I would like better access to moderator tools, and better rending of the report centre and ACP, while using a mobile device. We run a fairly skeleton staff (7 members for a largish site) many of whole spend a lot time where they do not have access to the site via a computer or tablet. Daniel
  10. This is a massive one for my, get more the 20 people in the chat room and it grinds to a holt as you can see who is talking about what, huge bottle neck for a larger forum. I like the idea of voice chat well, but groups cant be that hard to add, we had it before way back when before the code was bought in house. Daniel
  11. Revising this, my site gets a score of 82/100 for the desktop site, and 71/100 for the mobile site as we stand today.
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