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  1. These are FANTASTIC news... At the end you'll do what will be more useful for your company... But at least, you are listening us... the customers !!! And that's very important for the success of the company... :thumbsup: Thanks for reading Regards from Barcelona
  2. I see this the beginning of try to convert Perpetual Licenses in standard licenses... There weren't availabe Manage Languages... a new feature and others features... The problem for the future will be what do you consider service or part of the program... I understand very much the need of pay the cost of your service... But I don't agree who you want to pay this service... Yes, and obviously it has a cost... But, if it's a service why do you try that only part of your customers pay for it ???... the reasonable would be all pay for it... Yes that's right... I'm not interested in that service... I have perpetual with Blog, Gallery and support (fantastic one!!!)... but I a Perpetual license customer want to try the service must change their license and if after a year don't need or like that service he can't recover his license so he loss his "privileges"... I think it would be better to increase the price of support (for example) When I bought my IPB License it was much cheaper than now ($69,95) then I upgrade to my Perpetual License ($115,05), then you make the price increase because you're giving more features to the software... I believe that this will be the best solution... Yes, it is different that IP.Blog or Gallery... the price for some customers (change their licenses) and the price for others (included)... I think it would be better to consider as a new add-on as you will do with CCS which I'm sure I'll buy... Thanks for reading :thumbsup:
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