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  1. Hey there, Sorry you may have misunderstood or I have worded that poorly. To clarify, notifications are currently not working. This is what I did: Install the app Set it up with our discord Linked my discord account Created a notification and tested it (it worked) Deleted the previous notification that I created in step 4, and I created another one -> It did not work Tried to create another notification -> same error message Tried to create another notification to a different discord channel/webhook -> same error message I'll send you the logs in a DM 🙂 Thank you UPDATE: I just realized what the problem was, my discord bot did not have permissions to post or manage webhooks in the channel I was trying to create a webhook/notification in. I've added the permissions and it's now working - Thanks again.
  2. Hi there, having an issue with the Notifications. I created one to test, and it worked. So I deleted it and created a new notification, but when I click on save I get the following error: The logs show a 403 error, but I've re-configured my app and it worked with no errors Thank you.
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