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  1. Release notes & theme difference tool

    We use git to develop Invision Community but it's not something we'd make public.
  2. Sounds like a bug to me... let me see what I can do!
  3. Release notes & theme difference tool

    Hi Nick, Appreciate the feedback! So typically X.X.n releases are bug fixes. Some of the bug fixes do require template edits. Sometimes if we need to change a lot of things, this can affect a lot of files. Unfortunately there often isn't a way to avoid theme edits in a bug fixing release. In almost every minor release there are template edits so we don't really think to mention them. I will take onboard your point regarding linking to the differences tool.
  4. This week, the team have been discussing their very first computing memory. This will probably reveal a lot about the age of some of our team. We recently worked out that when Matt and Charles first met and started producing community software, some of the younger members of our team were still in primary school. What is your first computing memory? An easy question for tech-heads as we've all been toying with computers since our earliest days. Brandon (Senior tech support and development) We had a VIC20 and a Commodore128 growing up. In 6th grade I got into BASIC a little bit and wrote my own home-grown computer program for my school's science fair on the Commodore. It had a 'moon' and a rocket ship sprite, and the sprite flew around the screen and landed into the moon, ending with a quit or play again option. I won the science fair that year. Mark H (Tech support) My first "Computing Memory"...... that would be the mainframe I got to play with in 10th grade, one which some wealthy benefactor donated to my Junior High School, 1970. Magnetic core memory and drum memory, and not a transistor to be found within it.. Marc S (Tech Support) First memory of an actual computer, rather than just a games console, would be the Atari 65XE. My parents got me one for Christmas, along with a few different books and games. My parents were expecting me to hit the games the second I got it, and instead I was copying out the code for making the computer 'Do things'. I guess that was my introduction to programming at the time. Rhett (Cloud Support) "Learning "Basic" on an Apple II in College with 5 1/4 floppies! followed by building my first PC, a 386DX 40, then doing home banking via dial up and dos prompts" Matt (Senior Developer) The BBC Micro. It was a computer developed for the classroom to encourage a nation of coders. My dad brought one home along with a magazine and we spent all night typing in a Star Trek game from the magazine and debugged it together. I still have nightmares over my brother reading it out and calling a full colon "a double dot". I loved that machine and often tinkered with it between playing games and using it for homework. I remember writing a Naughts and Crosses (tic-tac-toe) game in school that my teacher did not understand and assumed I had cheated. Special shout out to "Elite" the space trading game that stole most of my youth. Ryan (Senior Developer) My first real computing memory was on a Packard Bell running Windows 3.11. I performed my first "echo" at the MS-DOS Command Line, and it was all downhill from there. Andy (Senior tech support and development) My first computing memory is probably playing Sim City on the BBC micro at school aged 6 or 7 but computers were a part of family life from before I was born so I must have had some interactions before this I can’t remember. My first Internet memories were getting home from school aged 10 helping dad build PC motherboards he designed from scratch. I would help place the components before they were soldered and then I would get to use the single machine set up in the corner which had the Mosaic browser and then later the first version of Netscape Navigator installed. I still have an original Internet Movie Database account from 1993. This was probably also my first “Job”. I’m still waiting for my first pay packet! Jennifer (Designer) My first really strong memory of computers in general was a Mac. It was Oregon Trails at school with those huge 5 1/2 floppy disks. I always remember how excited I would be to see that black and green screen with that 8 bit old west adventure. True facts. If there was a modern like Conan Exiles survival game that was Oregon Trail based I would most probably get it. If it exists don't tell me about it! Daniel (Senior tech support and development) My first coding experience was in the school with really, really old DOS computers.. No Basic, No Pascal ... it was the famous TURTLE aka LOGO! Stuart (Senior tech support and development) My first real computer related memory was having a Commodore 64 and an early Amiga with Theme Park. For some reason we also had an external drive for the Amiga that meant we could copy games. After that it was a steady progression of Windows based PCs and now I've got a "large" Laptop that everyone at IPS loves to joke about.
  5. It should add them to an album with the same name of the promote item.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't try and look for specific devices. CSS already has a way to change how things look based on the device width. So for example: body { background: black; } @media screen and (max-width:767px) { background: red; } This will show a black background for iPads and computers, but a red background for a mobile phone.
  7. You shouldn't need to do that. Just alter any CSS in the _responsive.css files. They get loaded and used when the display port is smaller which is typically a mobile device. We don't really recommend sniffing out mobile browsers any more.
  8. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    Star Trek TNG was my childhood. Deep Space 9 is also acceptable.
  9. Welcome to the first of a new regular series we're calling "Question of the week". Each week, we'll ask our team a question and share the replies. To kick things off, we posed a very simple question: What is your favorite TV show right now? We may have over-estimated how much TV the average geek watches. Here's what our team said. Brandon (Senior tech support and development) How do I answer this without writing an essay?! I really don't watch too many TV shows personally, and I definitely don't have any that I watch religiously. I'd say my favorite is probably Fixer Upper as I tend to like to have those sorts of home repair shows on in the background, and Chip and Joanna Gaines are just too hard not to love. Mark H (Tech support) Nova, on our PBS station, because it is not filled with speculation, half-truths, and fake news. Marc S (Tech Support) Have been watching misfits. It just seems to be its the more likely scenario around someone getting superpowers. Lets be honest, superman/spiderman etc just isn't what you would realistically do? Rhett (Cloud Support) "The Blacklist" James Spader is excellent in this series! I've been hooked since it started in 2013. Matt (Senior Developer) I’m in Game of Thrones hibernation along with most of the world at the moment. I’ve just finished season two of Preacher which I really enjoyed. I found Eugene’s journey through Hell to be a highlight and enjoyed how a small character in season one was fleshed out some more. Also, who cannot love watching Hitler order plum cakes? Mark W (Senior Developer) RuPaul's Drag Race. Because I'm what? Sickening. Ryan (Senior Developer) I don't really watch a lot of TV - there isn't anything that really catches my eye nowadays, so I mostly just stick to watching my local sports teams with friends (Cincinnati Reds [baseball] and Cincinnati Bengals [football]). That being said, though, I saw a commercial for the Big Bang Theory spin-off "Sheldon" the other day, and I might get hooked into that. It looked pretty good. Andy (Senior tech support and development) I'm looking forward to the next series of Stranger Things on Netflix Jennifer (Designer) I'm personally in between shows at the moment. I just finished The Walking Dead Season 7 and I'm watching some Anime with the family. I'm the sort of person that bounces around binge watching TV shows and movies. I can say that I am really looking forward to the next season of Santa Clarita Diet though because a zombie housewife is just funny to watch the misadventures of. Daniel (Senior tech support and development) I've started watching Dexter. Stuart (Senior tech support and development) Star Trek TNG, Just because of Jean-Luc Picard! Drop us a line and let us know what your favorite show is. If you have any questions for the team that you'd like to be featured, let us know and we'll queue them up!
  10. Googles mobile first policy

    Upgrade to Invision Community 4.2. It's the best solution!
  11. The reason we don't offer an immediate option is because it can take a while to send data to the social networks. Say you added 5 pictures and sent 5 to Facebook and 3 to Twitter, that could feasibly take more than 30 seconds to do and some servers have a 30 second time out, so you would likely hit a server error page now and again when promoting. Allowing the background task to pick it up and send it is a much more elegant solution even if there are a few minutes before it is sent.
  12. If it just you (the owner of the Facebook developer's app) then you don't need review. You can just link your account, then request the permissions via the Invision Community ACP. You'll get a dialog asking for permissions with a notice saying it's in testing mode but the permissions will be granted because Facebook understands you are the app owner, thus you get the permissions. I have not heard of Facebook closing apps if you use it a lot in testing mode. You only need the review when you are requesting permissions from non-app admin Facebook users which in most cases will not be the case.
  13. Hi Matt,

    Do you have any plans on updating this to 4.2?

    I know it's retro but I found it to be useful, I hope you don't mind me asking.