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  1. You can modify it under their Customor info to just use their Firstname as their Username rather then IRL name, will fix it for you.
  2. Had to manually edit the Customer information. Resolved the issue.
  3. I've recently encountered that my real name is displayed on support tickets within the forums commerce section, The email gotten by the user displays my forums username, and from the ACP My real name is displayed, which isn't Anywhere inputted onto my fourms, Would there be a way to change this? I feel it coloraites with my IPS Key/forum name here.
  4. Still looking for a solution for displaying all uploaded files from the ACP.
  5. I found the way, It was marked under deleting not attachements.
  6. I've ticked that box, But i'm unable to delete the image still, Not sure why.
  7. Ive been scanning around while signed in as a normal member in the fourms, I've looked around the ACP To find the permissions for users to delete their own uploads, I even found this post where someone is encountering the same issue Is this still part of IPS4? Why are users not able to delete their own image & why are there no permissions for this available? If Im wrong please point me the right way, If not, Please make this a thing!
  8. I run my community primarily on the download section and heavily rely on it. On the dashboard you can add download stats which shows biggests file and data downloaded like the picture attached Why don't all the files list themselfs on the files page under the dashboard? The future will be hosting a Very large amount of files and I sorta Need to see this kinda infomation about file sizes/etc, Is it anywhere in the ACP?
  9. Will this plugin be getting updated for the latest update? Totally didnt read the fact it wasn't supported before I bought it.
  10. I do have some knowlage of SQL, I understand the risks of editting table, I tend to do backups before every action, But didn't here due to its miniumal impact.
  11. I had removed the cache pages+from the SQL it had deleted the announcement, but the cached pages kept it visable for others.
  12. Quite right, Theres nothing under CP/announcements, and its still on the site, well crap Where do i go from here?
  13. I recently made a new announcement to see how they work, but I made it indefinite, I want to remove it, But i cannot find out where, I even deleted the announce from the SQL Database and it remains, Where do i go?
  14. You think it would ever come back? 👀 Or become a togglable option
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