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  1. I created a calendar of my company's events on Google Calendar and I would like to know if I can import into the Invision Community Calendar Thanks!
  2. i found this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7606-forms/
  3. Is there a way to embed the Google Forms form inside a forum topic? Or is there a plugin that creates forms to be filled out inside the topic and only administrators receive the answer? 🤔 Thanks!
  4. Does any Brazilian know how to integrate RD Station with Invision? I have a forum and I want to integrate members as leads in RD Station...
  5. Algum brasileiro sabe como fazer a integração do RD Station com o Invision? Tenho um fórum e quero fazer essa integração dos membros como leads no RD.
  6. I understood! For example, my group called "X".So I can create an award only for this group and within it, put that whoever posts 10 answers wins a prize like: "best person"Right?
  7. Hey guys, Is there a plugin that separates awards by group of members? Like the group of moderators and it have specific awards? Or is there anything like that that is native in the Invision Comunity?
  8. Karina Harumi


    Hey guys, With this plugin can I create an award that is only for a group of members? As the group of Moderators and only place awards for them? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, We have a competitor that uses the Invision Community as a forum. And it has an interesting form of navigation. When a "guest" is browsing, accessing the pages of the forum, after a certain time (for example, after accessing so many contents or pages), a message appears that for him to continue accessing, he needs to register or login. How do I do this on my forum? Like this image: Thanks 🙂
  10. Ok... porque não sei se meu fórum está hospedado dentro da Invision ou fora... isso tem como saber?
  11. Como eu acesso o PHPMyAdmin? é pela minha hospedagem?
  12. E então eu acesso o PHPMyAdmin e coloco isso: update core_members set member_group_id = 1 (que seria meu ID certo?) e depois tem um passo a passo para alterar para adminstrador?
  13. Apareceu isso: https://hub.casadodesenvolvedor.com.br/profile/1-karina-harumi/ Aí seria 1? Ai por exemplo, desse usuário seria o "2":? https://hub.casadodesenvolvedor.com.br/profile/2-jonathan-santos/
  14. Olá Adriano, Como eu sei meu ID de membro?
  15. Hey guys, I was migrating a group of people with the same email domain to a new group within my admin, and I forgot to exclude some people who had that email domain from this migration and ended up losing access to the administrative panel. (my email was in that migration group) I know it was an amateur mistake, but does anyone know how I can fix it? I have already contacted Invision support, but it is taking too long and I need to fix it urgently.
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