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  1. Post Color Highlight

    I'm sure if you rebuilt posts it would be fixed?
  2. IPS 4 Stability

    I think IPS has tried that in the past. Volunteers aren't always as reliable as those who are being paid to do something.
  3. IPS 4.0 Design wishlist

    Pretty sure ADKGamers was being sarcastic :).
  4. IPS support

    With the addition of 'Robert Marcher' to support. That adds tremendous value to for the support dept.
  5. The technology is quite simple, http://responsivedesign.ca/ . That is an example, just drag your window and make it smaller to see what it does.
  6. Free license for developer

    Hosted files are encoded though.
  7. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    Re-cache your skins.
  8. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    Should be good to go now, just re-download please.
  9. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    I'll get a fix out by today. I apologize for the delay and I'll be sending urbanguerilla a refund for his troubles :).
  10. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    Interesting ill take a look.
  11. Download: SEO Copy Inject

    Did you upload the files?
  12. If they stopped developing for an iPhone app I highly doubt an Android one is coming. As we all know iPhone > :lol: .
  13. Invision Going Downhill

    I should offer a hand holding service.