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  1. I'm sure if you rebuilt posts it would be fixed?
  2. I think IPS has tried that in the past. Volunteers aren't always as reliable as those who are being paid to do something.
  3. Pretty sure ADKGamers was being sarcastic :).
  4. With the addition of 'Robert Marcher' to support. That adds tremendous value to for the support dept.
  5. The technology is quite simple, http://responsivedesign.ca/ . That is an example, just drag your window and make it smaller to see what it does.
  6. Should be good to go now, just re-download please.
  7. I'll get a fix out by today. I apologize for the delay and I'll be sending urbanguerilla a refund for his troubles :).
  8. If they stopped developing for an iPhone app I highly doubt an Android one is coming. As we all know iPhone > :lol: .
  9. I should offer a hand holding service.
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