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  1. I love that song. 🙂 You have a fair point. I guess my stance is I think everything is working just fine, and we need to continue to let things fold out with the new changes. When I joined here, people were arguing about how disappointed they were with the engagement. That's changing. Let's let the process unfold and see where it takes us before we nit-pick everything. Who knows, you may like it, but you'll never know until you give things a chance.
  2. Of all the things to be upset about or making a formal request concerning. 🙄 Why so serious? Invision could add a host of new reactions or remove them all. Of all the things to worry about, I think focusing on development and support is more important. Yet here we are debating about emoji reactions. I like the cat reaction. I tend to use it when someone is like-minded (not something you can agree with, but when someone has posted something that I feel fits). I'm sure someone will argue I'm using it wrong. To which I want to ask them, why so serious? There are so many more important issues. What reactions we use, when we use them, how often we use them, etc... It does not seem to me as something to stress over. I agree removing any negative reactions was a positive change. There is a reason why most social media sites do not use them. When available, they're abused, and often. Beyond that point, can we focus on something else? I feel like this thread was made to complain for the sake of complaining (in my opinion). And no, it is not lost on me that complaining about someone's complaining is too ironic. I've said my peace.
  3. Was there a technical reason why this has not been standardized? I am curious as to why SVG support has not already been added. SVG has been around for 20 years (technically, 19 years, 20 this September). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Vector_Graphics It became a browser standard 10 years ago (since 2011) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Vector_Graphics#Native_browser_support I am surprised to learn even discontinued Internet Explorer 9 - 11 all supported SVG. Or was this an oversight? 🤔
  4. I wish more people understood this. No one wants to show up to the party when the main attraction is someone sitting up high on their mountain top.
  5. Thank you. I believe you do an excellent job of clarifying that. I have used e-mail provider services (Mandrill) for my own uses, but I presume the service providers I use do not filter the unsubscribed directly and still honor the software I am using. That is to say, if you had unsubscribed from newsletter-type e-mails (admin sent e-mails), you would still receive general site e-mails (password reset). I had no idea that SendGrid could be so intrusive. Again, thank you for your time, consideration, and assistance in helping me understand better. It is very appreciated.
  6. I must apologize for being short-worded with my answers. I fear in my attempt to be short and direct, I have left the wrong impression. I understood that is how it works now, and that is how it has worked. My initial comment was for @breatheheavy as I was confused and puzzled on how he had managed to unite the e-mail in such a fashion. SendGrid (https://sendgrid.com) as I understood it was a mailing service, and I was puzzled how that server was somehow undermining the internal e-mail system. I admit to ignorance (not knowing better in this instance on how that can happen). I made my reply before I knew you had replied. Once you read my comment, I appreciate you took the time to clarify that the two (newsletters -vs.- general e-mails) should operate independently. While I already knew this, I was appreciative that you took the time to address me anyways (thanks). I quickly said that it was good to know in my short-sightedness and that I am looking forward to 4.6. Which I am looking forward to since it will support PHP 8. But there was no way for you to know why I am waiting for 4.6, and my pleasantry comment, with my effort to be short-worded, seems to have given the wrong impression. I apologize for my miscommunication.
  7. That's good to know. Looking forward to 4.6 👍
  8. I think you have just highlighted an important reason why the two should be separate. Some people do not want to receive newsletters, which is perfectly fine (I don't use them myself). But they should receive system e-mail upon request, such as resetting their password. I am confused to hear that somehow the two have been linked together.
  9. ✅ Do ✅ you ✅ mean ❌ like this? ✅ Because this works for me.
  10. I humbly and respectfully would like to pardon my request that the Invision Development Team please give significant consideration in possibly developing a command-line upgrade and import option. It could be most beneficial for large communities whose content ranges in the millions or billions. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  11. Continuously optimizing your database could be resource-intensive. The general clean-up task should naturally run itself after the preset time. I question if your shared host was somehow preventing this from happening since the limited plan may have had a cap on how much computing power you were allowed. As a result, it was not completed as necessary, and once you were moved to a container with the required resources, it was finally completed.
  12. I am sincerely sorry to hear you are experiencing some traumatic and alarming issues with your community. Not being able to log into your online community is very upsetting and worrying—Especially for your members who no doubt have no clue what is going on. I honestly hope you can resolve that issue ASAP. I want to first agree with you that it is indeed a concerning issue and should be addressed with some sense of urgency over, for example, someone asking how to change their site's logo. But where I'm afraid I have to disagree with your feedback is the knowledge that when consumers are allowed to self-rank their level for needed support, they often incorrectly label themselves as a high priority. It is not necessarily done out of malice but instead based upon the personal perspective of how important something is to themself. As a result, important issues, such as the one you are currently experiencing, end up hidden (buried) among other self-proclaimed essential matters. Thus, the ranking system loses all meaning. I am speaking as someone who has worked within customer service and human resource management for over twenty-five years. The reality is, when the consumer is allowed to decide their own priority level, it starts as a useful tool but quickly degrades and loses all meaning.
  13. Greetings @DawPi I am currently seeking out such a modification. Still, I would require complete transparency for the user assigned to reading the personal message, including the message's full-body, the listing of everyone involved in the message, and attachments. If I understand correctly, your plugin missing an attachment review?
  14. I beg your pardon, as I know this may not be the place to suggest a feature, but since I have your attention, please pass on this suggestion. If all my Android apps can do it, I would like to think so can the forum (just a thought). Respectfully focusing back on the main topic, I agree with your viewpoint. It is essential to develop a community with a friendly atmosphere. Nothing truly screams friendly and inviting when people hear the phrases administration or moderation. They are easily associated with words such as 'boss' and 'authority,' along with 'entitled' and 'privilege.' In our current times, these are not viewed necessarily as cheerful and inviting words. I recently renamed my administrator title as "caretaker," and the moderators are known as 'peacekeepers.'
  15. I am looking at the dark tones in your photo and video and have to ask. Can we hope to expect a light / dark button in 4.6?
  16. I am sorry you feel that way, although I think you are fighting against the inevitable. As forums grow, so does their database and file size, and that remains proportional to their storage, ram, and CPU usage. You can prune your post, threads, attachments, and even members if you are willing to make those sacrifices; you should be fine staying with shared hosting. If not, you must learn to accept the reality of how a dynamic website changes and grows over time. Fear not, though. A simple VPS (virtual private server), when well optimized, can be very affordable. DigitalOcean, for example, can start as low as €5. That is only one example of one possible provider. My point is that VPS does not need to cost more than shared hosting when you start.
  17. Hello @FrançoisJ I would suggest you open ticket support with Invision on this matter. It seems you are missing a table in your database. It may be as simple as creating it to proceed, but the correct settings and structure is something Invision staff would know best. In your client area, you can also provide the login details required so they may look at this. https://www.invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  18. Please respectfully understand there will always be a limitation when using shared web hosting, even when not correctly specified. It is the business model of most shared web hosting providers to oversell their resources under the assumption that most people will never use what was advertised. You are now experiencing the early signs of having outgrown shared hosting. It would help if you started taking measures now to secure your site's future. The last thing you will want to experience is your host surprising you with notice, informing you they believe you are overusing their allowed resources. That can often end poorly to various degrees. I would suggest you look into a VPS (virtual private server). Please understand that a "reseller" is not a VPS and is a shared hosting account with extra features. Only a VPS will provide you with the dedicated resource will require.
  19. The yearly renewal fee to a single license of Invision is the affordable price of $50. At the time of this post, that is more affordable (cheaper) than most anti-virus programs' subscription costs. That said @WonderingX, I would echo @Paul E.'s advice. A pirated copy can have many hidden, unwanted gremlins. It would be best for you to install a fresh copy and import your old site into the new one instead of upgrading your current. Although, after doing so, double-check to make sure only your approved admins and moderators are the only admins and moderators on your site.
  20. Separating yourself away from the role of an administrator is easy. Separating that mindset away from other people's perception of you is not so easy. I, like yourself, once took on the role of administrator very seriously. I was a wizard at keeping my community function and up to date. Managing the site's software and hardware a 'no-brainer.' Policing the community when warranted clearly and respectfully, I could do blindfolded. But as a person, I was always seen as 'the administrator.' Having a simple conversation proved problematic. People would always act differently and reply differently when the administrator entered the chat. Think of it a lot like walking into the breakroom and the boss is there. I had never once used my authority to diminish anyone or rise above anyone in a casual conversation or debate. But that did not stop people from being more reserved when the administrator decided to include themselves in the conversation. Should you disagree with someone in a casual discussion or debate, people did not see "John" disagreeing with them. They saw the administrator and site owner disagreeing with them and picking aside. On some level, it was always seen as more personal. I had started with only a single account on my site. But to further distance me from the role, I made a personal account. This helped a little, but the undertone of my old school members who knew it was me could not be genuinely shaken. As my community grew into hundreds of members, I noticed that never really changed. And as you can imagine, every once in a blue, someone would point out the fact. "Bob" has entered the chat. - It may sound silly to you, but my "Bob" account is precisely everything I always wanted. I am doing everything I have always been doing since day one. Nothing about me has changed. Only the perception of my members has changed. Except for the staff, no one knows "Bob" is the site owner and administrator. People feel comfortable debating and even arguing with "Bob" on occasion. "Bob" is so well received that he has become a community leader who helps set the community tone. On rare occasions, someone will message the administration suggesting "Bob" be promoted to join the team. Having a community means sometimes reading the room. It means making what changes are necessary and not always trying to conform your members to fit your needs, but sometimes working on yourself to match theirs. 😉
  21. Hello again @borangeatx I should add, to be mindful, that when performing a database backup and restore, using the terminal will always be your best option. While you can technically perform a small backup and restore through a web interface control panel, such as Cpanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, to name a few. It will always be safer and more secure to do so via your terminal controls. mysqldump --default-character-set=utf8mb4 -h [host] -u [username] -p [database_name] --set-gtid-purged=OFF --port=3306 --protocol=tcp --skip-triggers -r dump.sql Since you are at the stage where you are now importing multiple sites into your target community, it is safe to assume you are well beyond the scope of using your web browser to perform this action. Time out is something you do not wish to experience. If you do not have access to your terminal, you should contact your web hosting service provider for assistance. If you continue to need help, I would suggest you inquire with Community Support. There a seasoned system administrator may be able to further assist you. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/406-community-support/
  22. First, I hope you have a backup of both databases—Especially your target database. I have seen this before. It was a good indication my database was corrupt. Since the import did not complete, that is likely what caused the corruption. If your importing fails, you cannot and should not proceed as if all is well. I would suggest you restore your target database before you attempted the import. I would then make sure to rule out the source is not corrupted and attempt a basic import on a test site. One that you have not already tried to port into previously (a clean install). If that fails, we know the issue is the source database (your WordPress). If it completes, you could attempt to try to re-import.
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