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  1. It took me a while to realize that the whole page was the demo and that you could change anything on the page. Usually, when I see an editor demo, they confine it into a box somewhere on the page, not the whole page. I am not complaining. I am only pointing out that fact, so others who visit your suggestion are not confused about where the demo is located. πŸ˜‰
  2. Yes. I invite everyone to check out the suggested demo I linked in my OP post. Please, do, test the page load times, responsiveness, and mobile usage of the editors. For those of you who are more skilled and who are able, I also invite you to check out the underlined code. Do compare and see for yourself (absolutely). CKEditor 5 -- https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-5/demo TinyMCE -- https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/demo Froala -- https://froala.com/wysiwyg-editor Quill -- https://quilljs.com Redactor -- https://imperavi.com/redactor These, of course, are only a small handful of possibilities. There are many other alternative editors available, and if anyone would like to suggest something else, please do.
  3. Hello @Matt Thank you for following up with my requested inquiry (and feature request to change the editor in the future). I understand we have two (2) years to consider this, plenty of time for the development team to explore their options. In fact, that is why I made the request now, as opposed to later. I understood changing an editor would be an in-depth process and not a decision that could be made hastily. So it made perfect sense to make my inquiry now, as opposed to making this inquiry moments before CKEditor becomes the end of life. I am currently using CKEditor 5 in another development. I have not been amused anymore than I am with CKEditor 4. Most notably, the issues I experience have to do with how CKEditor works with mobile designs and layouts. As I previously said, ideally, you want your editor not to be the focus of your development. By that, I mean to say the editor should blend effortlessly in the background as something you do not notice (an afterthought). So many developments no longer use CKEditor because the editor itself often gets in the way. I cannot count how many times when I have heard or experienced why something was not functioning right because of the editor. Or why something could not be developed or extended because of the editor. The editor (CKEditor) is not the afterthought it should be. Even here on Invision, the editor and its limited functionality has proven problematic by the sheer request to work around it https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=editor&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=499 I want the good folks within Invision to know that I and many here respect where you have been taking your development. I like all the many features you have incorporated, and I am excited to see where Invision may be going in the future. But the editor (CKEditor) is indeed something of an annoyance. I currently have no doubt when Invision decided to use CKEditor; at the time, it was the best option available. Times change. I do not expect Invision to change editors overnight. As previously pointed out, it is not easy to change editors or upgrade editors. I do not expect an editor change in the next release. My request was for the far-off future, perhaps Invision Community 5.0 (whenever that happens). Again, we have a whole two (2) years before CKEditor reaches the end of life. Plenty of time for the Invision team to explore their options available. I hope (and request) that Invision explores their options during that time and hopefully decides on a different editor in the future.
  4. To clarify: TinyMCE - since 2004 (17 years) Froala - The parent company (Idera, Inc.) since 2000 (21 years), the editor since 2013 (8 years) Quill - since 2013 (8 years) Redactor - since 2009 (12 years) Nothing I have suggested is a short-term 'fly-by-night' type of company. They are it for the long run. πŸ˜‰
  5. πŸ˜‚ Exactly, and people do import database records into Invison too. Nothing unusual at face value. πŸ˜‰
  6. That is a possibility. I had only taken their question at face value.
  7. @niKee to follow-up. If you are looking to import something that was not previously a forum or a forum not currently supported, if it is essential to you and worth the cost and time to have it developed, you can inquire about having an importer developed here https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/506-requests/
  8. I wouldn't say I like this answer. πŸ˜… The overall answer is "yes." Virtually (almost) any content from any database can be converted. Out of the box? It depends on what the source is (was it a forum?). But even if a current important does not exist, you can have one developed.
  9. What you are seeking is an importer. Invision offers more than a few forum software importers. I believe you can even import WordPress. But if you are looking to import a different product, you may need one developed. The overall answer to your question is yes.
  10. Hello @Chris027 While I am not a member of the Invision staff, I do have an answer. First, let me say, I think it is wonderful that you have taken such a proactive, conscious step in keeping your community safe and secure. But to answer your question, Invision, like many other internet-based companies, occasionally does have their employees work remotely (this is especially true during COVID-19). As a result, it would be best to disable the IP Address whitelist temporarily when asking for support.
  11. Back in the day (long ago), nearly every project and development I know about used CKEditor. In its heyday (gold age), WYSIWYG editors were still a relatively new concept (I feel old. ), and CKEditor was considered top of the line. Times have changed. Ideally, you want your editor not to be the focus of your development. By that, I mean to say the editor should blend effortlessly in the background as something you do not notice (an afterthought). So many developments no longer use CKEditor because the editor itself often gets in the way. I cannot count the many times when I have heard or experienced why something was not functioning right because of the editor. Or why something could not be developed or extended because of the editor. The editor (CKEditor) is not the afterthought it should be. Even here on Invision, the editor and its limited functionality has proven problematic by the sheer request to work around it https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=editor&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=499 Speaking personally, I love where Invision is going. I admire their creativity in where they are taking the development. I enjoy many of the features and am looking forward to the new features they have suggested they have planned. But I dislike the editor. It is my 'pet peeve' for Invision. I know of only two developments that still use CKEditor (the other is not a forum, and they use CKEditor 5). In both of them, I dislike the editor (v4 and 5). Why? Because in both of them, nearly all the issues I encounter, all the bugs I stumble upon, and all lack of functionality and adaptability surround CKEditor. Besides Invision, only vBulletin, whose market share is shrinking and development has become stagnant, concerning forum software, still uses CKEditor. I do not expect Invision to change editors overnight. As SeNioR- pointed out, it is not easy to change editors, not even to CKEditor 5. So regardless of the discission (whether we stay with CKEditor or change editors), we are still looking at a large transition. We have two (2) years to think this through and explore our options before CKEditor 4 reaches the end of life. Plenty of time to think this over. You'll note I did not specify any particular editor (besides a few examples I gave). My request is not to promote any specific one, only that an exploratory investigation be conducted and that Invision considers their options.
  12. CKEditor 4 is reaching the end of life (source). Instead of jumping onto the CKEditor 5 bandwagon, I propose Invision consider an alternative editor. There are many well-established modern editors such as, for example, TinyMCE, Froala, Quill, and Redactor, to name a few. Any of these would make satisfactory alternatives. CKEditor may be 'old school,' but it has become bloated, larger in file size and load time. Most of the issues it encounters often have to do with responsive layouts on a mobile device and excessive load time. As mobile continues to dominate the landscape, I feel it may be prudent to focus on an editor development that has kept up successfully with the times with the least issues. Changing the editor should not be expected in the next release. But a roadmap should be considered for a future transition. Thank you for your time and consideration. πŸ˜€
  13. I am sorry, but I know nothing about Bing. I focus most of my SEO (search engine optimization) with Baidu and occasionally Google in mind. Sorry, I could not be of further help. 😞
  14. So I was right to assume the current implication was not safe? Then my feature request is valid. I would like to have this option in a manner that was safe.
  15. I do not see the "source" button here on the support forum, and I presume it is a permission setting for good reason. The development I am comparing against has this function by default for everyone (safely). Is this something that can not be implemented here too?
  16. Please excuse the unusual title. I am attempting to word this so even someone who is computer illiterate could understand my suggestion to see if my suggestion is a shared interest. In the old days of BBcode, you could press a button (within the editor) that allowed you to review the underline code used to format the display. My suggestion is not that we go back to BBcode but merely add the functionality to precisely review how the layout is formatted (as an option). The attached screenshot is another development which I will NOT be named as it would be rude and inconsiderate to promote a different development on Invision's support forum. And while it may seem cliche to say, 'can we do something that one of your competitors is doing?' I only mean to demonstrate this to clarify precisely what I am suggesting by presenting a working visual demonstration. The editor processes HTML just like Invision's editor. The only difference and what I would propose to be added in a future release, if possible, is the functionality to switch between the display editor and the raw code (as demonstrated in this screenshot). Is this something we could possibly consider? Thank you for your time and consideration. πŸ˜€
  17. That was very kind and considerate of you to share your full robots.txt with the community. Thank you for being helpful. πŸ‘
  18. I kindly ask that if you intend to quote me, please do so in complete sentences and not take what I say out of context to promote whatever agenda you may have. By this, I mean, if the images are the problem, I do not expect the final product to look anything like this. Investigating further, the images themselves may not be the problem because this looks pretty clear to me. https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/monthly_2021_04/1593791730_7_Collaborator.png.5bffd72ca5b86eb698fec4fce96944b6.png This is not to say I disagree with you. As I am sure, a well-placed SVG could perhaps do better overall. But please do not use my comments to attack anyone here, including the development or other clients. Thanks for your time and consideration. πŸ™‚
  19. As a matter of opinion, I like the location of the badges. I feel far too many things are centered on "postbit" on most forums, which adds too much noise. The unification of everything neatly in its place means I often tune stuff out and forget something is there. Introducing a little harmless chaos to the layout gives the site character and makes it more attractive. If someone wanted it centered, they could perform a template edit or perhaps use some CSS. But I, for one, like the location 'as is.' As for the coloring of the badges, I believe that depends on the avatar. Where it is located can cause a bit of a color clash depending on what your avatar looks like. I am using Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed) with Mozilla Firefox ( Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0 ) and find no real issue. But for argument's sake, attached are a few random screenshots. Upon uploading my attached (see post above), I notice they look a little rough around the edges. But this being an alpha, I do not presume the images used were of HD quality, merely proof of concept.
  20. Hello @MattΒ  Please excuse the intrusion on your profile wall.Β  I am testing wall post on 4.6.


    Your profile just happen to be the first staff member who allowed wall post. πŸ™‚

    I am writing this using Mozilla Firefox.

    My community is 'odd' in the fact that most of my users still use Firefox.

    • In a world where
    • Google Chrome seems to rule
    • most of the user base.

    I find it comforting that at least in my order of the world,

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. is still
    3. king

    Anyways, thanks for keeping this available.Β 


    It has been most helpful.

    Please feel free to delete this once you read this. I do not mean to clutter your profile.

    I think I found a bug doing this too.

    The code above should be directly below the quote (not in the quote).

    I will need to see if I can repeat that again, else where. -- But for now, I wanted to see how things worked on someone's profile. πŸ™‚


  21. In your AdminCP (administrator control panel), if you search for the phrase "custom," you can customize the error pages and message. You'll have used to the full editor when doing so, so you can be as creative as you would on a forum post. But if I understand you correctly, you wish to give people a tease or sneak peek of what they are missing out on. Unfortunately, that would be beyond the scope of the core features and require an add-on. The whole point of denying permissions is for people not to know what is behind the closed door. I could not locate such an add-on. But there is a business listing of available developers who are available to hire if you are interested in having one created. https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/
  22. It helps if you go here your_domain_example.com/admin/?app=core&module=settings&controller=posting&tab=urlFilters&searchResult=form_links_external (or search for Force posted links to open in new windows? ) and enable "Force posted links to open in new windows?"
  23. Hello @Karina Harumi To have a clickable image: Upload the image of your choice, then insert the photo in your post (you can do that but clicking on your attachment, which will add it into the post). Highlight your image the same way you would highlight text in the editor. While your photo is highlighted, click on the link icon in the editor, and add the URL of your choice. At the end of your URL, add the following, which will ensure that a new tab window will always be used /"target="_blank
  24. I love it. The new point system ties nicely into a vision I have for one or both of my communities. I have been using Discuz! (2002) and FluxBB (2008); since the founding of their conception. Both of them have become dated in many ways, and while I have developed them both beyond their functionality, I feel we have reached an impasse. They most certainly work and function, but the development for one of them (FluxBB) has all but nearly stopped, and the other has become more 'hackish' (Discuz! 3.5) as the development has progressed (when it moves). Our current business model mimics Reddit, both in the way of ad placement, monthly subscription, and the ability to reward others. Members naturally already receive achievements and points, which I see Invision will have in the upcoming v4.6; this is a beautiful way to encourage engagement while giving the member base a sense of involved reward and recognition. Additionally, you already have a reaction system in place. What is lacking, and I presume we may need to build out in third-party development, is a method to purchase the reactions to reward others ("x" value allows to "y" number of reactions you can reward others). Nevertheless, I am excited and looking forward to the pending release of 4.6
  25. Come, now. We're much more civilized. It should be live streamed. πŸ˜‚ Your point is taken. Sorry.
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