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  1. I'm having user complaints about the same issue. Sessions via Redis and it's happening on various devices/browsers without any cookie blocking scripts etc. I'll report back in here if I find anything.
  2. +1 for nested quotes. They're a big miss after moving from SMF.
  3. So I took an initial dump of our existing forum a few weeks ago. I've been working with that locally, to get everything set up and ready, before I plan to turn the existing forum offline, dump and run a final conversion. I'm simply looking to minimise downtime and if there was a way to add any new users, threads, posts etc since that initial dump, that would speed up the process massively and reduce the time spent offline. I wasn't sure it was something that warranted opening a ticket, but I will do that now.
  4. Got it @Sonya* thanks. That's a bit frustrating it doesn't remember what has already been imported. It's taking about 3 days for a full conversion. I suppose I'll need to manually delete all user, topic, and post data?
  5. Is there a way to run a conversion multiple times? It's finished but won't let me run it again to add new data.
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