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  1. We would like the Discord Oauth2 link to not request for a user's permission to join servers for them. Is there a way we can disable that?
  2. Is there an option for SuperGrid to also display the first few lines of an article?
  3. Hello, we're facing an issue using Nexxe with SuperGrid where the images aren't showing up while on the Nexxe theme. Plugins used: SuperGrid, Nexxe Theme With default theme: With Nexxe theme: May we get some assistance please?
  4. Thanks for the response, will there be an option to sync specific roles to groups in the future?
  5. We're having issues with enabling the Discord login: Upon testing using another Discord application, we realized that your plugin tries to pull a list of ALL servers that our Discord application is a part of. This is a huge problem for us as our Discord bot application is a part of more than 1m+ Discord servers. Can you add an option for us to specify the Server ID directly? We want to enable the Discord login for our new community forums but would like to use our main application for the login flow. We've tried saving using another test Discord application, then changing the settings to our main Discord application but because some settings are greyed out we're unable to do that. TL;DR: 1) Tried with main application, failed to load step 2 2) Tried with test application, successfully loaded step 2 (Then we saw the list of servers) 3) Realized that plugin was trying to load all the servers (Probably timing out because our main application has more than 1m servers) Can we also have the possibility to: - Show a user's full Discord discriminator as the forum name - Reject user sign-in if user is not verified on Discord? (Currently it tells user to input an email address rather than reject)
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