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  1. "Geolocation API access prohibited Access to the Geolocation API is prohibited. To continue using its services, please do one of the following: If your authentication key is missing, you can obtain it by filling your IPS member ID in this form. If your license has expired, you can renew your application on this page." Still not working since September.
  2. I'm still out my money for my renewal. How do I get a refund?
  3. Why can't the text wrap under the user avatar? A lot of wasted space...
  4. You still haven't read my message. I still have an app I've paid for which I can't use.
  5. My PM is showing you haven't even read it yet: Still don't know what the solution is. Thanks.
  6. The problem is that nobody buying this app can get their API key. I get this message: Geolocation API access prohibited Access to the Geolocation API is prohibited. To continue using its services, please do one of the following: If your authentication key is missing, you can obtain it by filling your IPS member ID in this form. If your license has expired, you can renew your application on >this page.
  7. The owner of this mod has gone missing, right after I paid. :-(
  8. I just renewed my license (it had lapsed awhile ago, I think), but the link in the app doesn't seem to be a valid link. Thanks!
  9. Would it be crazy to think this would make forum threads look a little bit cooler?
  10. Does this support hide post, move topic? Is there a list of what is supported? Looks cool!
  11. Thanks. Will keep an eye out to see if it gets added.
  12. Any way to get this to hide (or collapse) ignore threads from forum view?
  13. Nevermind, one of our users used a lowercase "L" in place of an "I". My apologies.
  14. No, I do not manually put a user's display name into the ban filter after I ban them.
  15. It would be great if something was in place to prevent users from changing their display names to names of users who have been banned. I obviously don't need to explain why this is a problem.
  16. Looking good. Was hoping to see what daily digests and topic notifications look like.
  17. This is what we suggest: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/huge-amount-of-follows-causes-extreme-posting-delays-r42623?st=25#comment_116245 I urge anyone who cares about the future of IPB to take a look. Just because you don't have a problem right now, doesn't mean you won't have it later.
  18. No, they have not said it will be fixed in 4.0. The "fix" is not actually a fix at all. http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/huge-amount-of-follows-causes-extreme-posting-delays-r42623 Yes, I'm asking for individual customer support. I'm asking for somebody, anybody to reply to a private message and discuss the situation with us. I'm not asking for anything more. It is IPB who is escalating the situation by simply not hitting a reply button on an email. I can give them my phone number if that is the preferred method of communication. The only thing I can't do is sit and wait for something to happen. You have a nice site there, mat206. I see you don't have too many large threads, but you do have 1-2k users using the notification system to follow specific forums. I'm not sure if the delay occurs on new threads in forums with many followers as well. I need to double check with my admin. I apologize as I posted (and changed the title to delete me) a test thread on your forum. There did seem to be some delay, but not as bad as the delay on thread replies. Can I ask why you don't turn on auto-topic subscriptions (inline only) for your users? Don't you think your users would like to receive an inline notification when someone replies to a topic they post or post in? Besides the fact that it breaks your site after 300 follows, why would a user not want an in-line notification like that? I noticed that not many of your recent threads are very large. Most of the large threads are many years old. Do you know why that is? If the notification system did its job properly, it would definitely improve community engagement.
  19. This has nothing to do with EMAIL. Its regarding the notification system. The issue persists even if users only use inline notifications and 0 emails are sent. Is it that unreasonable for a user to want to receive an inline notification (and/or an email) when someone replies to a topic they created or are following? Well, if your IPB installation has more than 200-300 users who find a topic worth following, you can expect delays when any user posts to that thread. We are not talking about thousands of followers...it only takes 200-300 followers to delay new posts to active threads. I'm not asking for an immediate fix. I am asking them to reply to a message so we can discuss this like two companies trying to run their respective business. I don't think that is an unreasonable request, do you? Doing nothing is simply not an option. This is how I make my living. What would you do?
  20. Nobody is auto-subscribing anybody to emails. We are talking about inline notifications. Yes, email notifications cause the problem too, but obviosuly im not sending out unsolicited emails. If you want to learn more about this issue that can easily affect any popular IPB site, read this. The proposed fix doesnt really fix anything. See the above link for more info. I want them to provide information on a real fix. I'm trying to run a business here. This is damaging my business. I'm not trying to fight with anyone. I need to know if IPB really intends to take this issue seriously and really fix it. Also, all current and potential customers of IPB should know this issue exists. Its a serious issue and it will affect any IPB installation that has a topic with 200+ followers. The only reason it hasn't come up before is that IPB staff have defaulted auto-topic following to "off". If we had known of this, it would have saved us and our userbase a lot of frustration.
  21. Well, I posted in every topic possible because you still refuse to address this issue with me privately and have still not replied to my message from July 11th. Yes, I am very upset that your notification system fails large sites. IPB fails large sites in other ways too, but I'd rather focus on this one first. Any active IPB site that has a topic with a few hundred followers has this issue. Maybe other large sites never bothered to turn on auto-topic notification since its defaulted to off. Why is it defaulted to off, anyway? Why would I not want to be notified of replies to my topics? Most forum packages default this to on. Of course no large site can default this to on as it would cripple posting times. Charles, my business which has supported me for 10 years is suffering because of IPBs issues and you won't even do me the courtesy of replying to me and seeing how you can help. That is even more upsetting than IPB's large community shortcomings.
  22. You are not striving to make the software adaptable the scenario where a few hundred people are subscribed to a topic. This is a completely reasonable scenario that any active site which hasn't disabled auto-topic subscriptions will face. Of course, any large site will have to disable auto-topic subscriptions or face huge posting delays and database bloat. You are right, I have no idea why there aren't many large sites using IPB, but things I do know for sure: the notification system does not support large sites by creating huge posting delays and database bloat your key staff members (including Charles) will not reply to messages regarding this issue your newest big-board community is completely underwhelmed by your support and the community suffering because of it I don't mind if I sound rude, but your support is absolutely atrocious. Do you not care about your customers? Why would not attempt to contact me privately or respond to my inquiries? You can dance around the issue all you want, but until you guys work with me directly on this. I'll be right here, making sure forum admins know the truth about IPB and it's defective notification system. I'll be awaiting your message.
  23. We came from VB3. It didn't have inline notifications, but our users didn't have to wait 15+ seconds, wondering if their posts are going through or not. Also, inline notifications are kind of useless on active sites because notifications aren't grouped. Imagine if Facebook did it like IPB. It's even a problem on here, even though its not one of the larger IPB sites. Neowin, one of the largest IPB sites had to take matters into their own hands with notification grouping. I dont know if they have a solution to the post delay problem.
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