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  1. Hi Marc, Sorry I didn't link the docs! What Yamamura linked to is correct (specifically the bottom paragraph). Given that the block I'm using is a Feed Block, is it supposed to not always be in sync with the DB records it's showing due to the caching? If I change the field on a record, it will only update after a certain amount of time or if I go to System -> Clear System Caches. Interestingly enough however, another block that comes from a plugin the same exact template updates immediately (it's in the forum header and not the body, so not sure if that makes a difference). Thanks!
  2. The docs say: I can't find any setting that actually has to do with block caching? These docs say I should ensure that caching for blocks is off but doesn't actually say how to do that. Is this the same caching setting as "cache page output for guests?" I have a custom block that iterates over database records (a feed block) but it doesn't update immediately upon refresh when the underlying record changes. I'm assuming this is caching-related but I can't find any resources on manually handling this for plugin blocks. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!
  3. Is there a way to have the PM inbox have its conversations be unique to the participants? In other words, I don't want the same user to be able to start 45 different conversations with me. It should always be the same conversation between the two of us. This is historically how all forum software I've interacted with operates and I find it preferable to the many conversations between the same users. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you again for your response Morrigan! I think I'm doing a bad job at asking the question. I am familiar with the REST API and know that tags in the database page templates are distinct from that API. My question is focused primarily on how people know the tags or HTML template functions they have at their disposal without some sort of documentation of those calls. The code snippet I posted above was listed in the Admin CP but I'm sure there has to be many more calls similar to that which aren't listed in the Admin CP (I think?). If I wanted to start developing a plugin or application for the platform, I don't see where the platform is documented sufficiently to perform such a task but I see people doing it which leads me to believe I'm missing something. Again, thank you for your time and suffering through the poor explanation of my question.
  5. Hi Morrigan! Thank you for your reply. I have seen the REST API documentation and it definitely is useful and what I need for certain tasks. I'm more-so confused on the template tags, PHP calls, etc. I can't find where the API docs are for those two categories. The only API docs I've actually been able to find are the REST ones you linked to. I've been doing full-stack work for 6 years so I feel kind of dumb not being able to find the information for which I'm looking. I would imagine it has to be out there somewhere as people develop custom plugins and applications for the IC suite, I must just be looking in the wrong places. Any further help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I see in the databases -> field section of the admin panel a note that indicates you can use something like the following: {$row->customFieldDisplayByKey('my-key', 'listing')|raw} I have no idea where these methods are documented? Can someone point me in the right direction? The developer docs are like "how to" guides... I'm looking for the actual API documentation and I have never had such a hard time finding API references. Thanks in advance!
  7. Currently it is not respecting HTML. I have a link in the product description that shows when viewing a particular product but is being marked down to normal text (including the loss of a newline) on the landing page.
  8. Thank you for the justification. This makes a lot of sense. I will get with the developer directly. Thanks again!
  9. I greatly appreciate your answer on this. It's unfortunate because the reason I chose IC over Xenforo was the level of (relatively) low-level access that it enables you to have (intrinsically more flexibility). The move to forcibly extrapolate functionality away from the user and leave users with one option is not something I personally favor. 😕 Thanks again for the info!
  10. I purchased a plugin (https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/81289-hq4-badges/) and the plugin has image resources that I cannot download because when I try to download the plugin it just gives me instructions for how to install it through the Admin CP. I know how to install the plugin... I want to download the files so I can get the image resources that are included and the system just forces me to read installation instructions (presumably because I have a cloud subscription to Invision Community). Is there a way I can bypass this? It's frustrating that it just assumes I don't actually want the files themselves.
  11. There is currently no way to put a member (or group of members) product purchase (that renews) on pause. Even with the REST API, I'm unable to do this. I sell access to software that sometimes has downtime or issues and I want to mass compensate my users for the downtime by adding to their expiration date. There's no way to pause or manually update this without going into every single user who has purchased the product and doing it one by one which is going to be pretty rough.
  12. There really is a LOT lacking within the commerce piece of this platform. I was able to get more flexibility from vBulletin subscriptions 12 years ago than what I can do with this platform in 2020. It's really frustrating.
  13. How can I freeze the renewal purchases from counting down? In other words, how can I automatically extend the length of select purchaes? I'm a developer so I don't mind REST APIs or developer oriented solutions as an answer -- I just can't see how this would be done efficiently given what I see within the REST API. Thanks!
  14. Hi there! I'm looking to sell accounts on my website through the Commerce->Products functionality. Essentially, when a user buys the product, they get account info (email address and password to a given service). It looks like revealing dynamic content to purchasers of products is not possible outside of the built in license functionality which isn't going to suffice here from what I can tell. I tried using custom fields on the products but it doesn't look like it can differ for each purchase on the product. Any ideas how to do this?
    This fit my exact use case for what I needed on my site.
  15. The theme. I'll stop posting here and only use the theme topic from now on -- I didn't originally see the theme topic so my bad for posting here.
  16. My second slider was broken all weekend... I woke up this morning and it was then working (and I hadn't changed a thing since I originally set it up). Very strange. If I have the issue again, I'll come back and let you know. Unfortunately, my JS entry point setting is already set to be in the HEAD tag @JTHastings. Thank you both.
  17. I just realized there is a support topic for the theme -- I'm having the same issue @JTHastings is with the slider (mainly, I download the default image on slider 1, upload it to slider 2 and no background image appears). I'm either missing something obvious or there is a bug. Slider 2 is set up identically to the first with the only difference being the title and text (same styling, just different words). The image on the second slider (which is the same as the first) will not show. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  18. I have this via the Gamozilla theme and I'm either missing something obvious or there is a bug. I'm setting up a second slider (Slider 2) and it's set up identically to the first with the only difference being the title and text (same styling, just different words). The image on the second slider (which is the same as the first) will not show. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  19. A few questions/issues: I'm using the subscriptions blocks, and there is something going on with the layout logic. Initially, the subscription description renders in but then quickly the layout adjusts upon the screen fully loading and the bottom two lines of description are cut off (the subscribe button effectively bumps itself up). Is there a way to sort the subscription/product block listing order? Is there a way to force the products blocks to respect the WYSIWYG editor look? It's rendering everything as pain text. I don't think the block animations are working. I have mine set up for the slowest time (1.2s) and regardless of which animation I choose, there is none on page load. I'm using Chrome 85.
  20. Why do the user group colors not show in some places (i.e. the side section on comments/posts)? I have the setting set to global but I think the username is non-colored because the group is showing in the same section. How do I disable this? Additionally, I've set up multiple subscriptions that add secondary groups to members. However, it looks like once they purchase one subscription, they cannot purchase another? These are unrelated so the upgrade/downgrade logic doesn't fit my use case. Is it true that a user can only have one subscription at a time? If so, it will essentially force me to create a subscription for every possible combo of subscriptions on my site which is virtually unmanageable so I'm really hoping this isn't the case. I've decided to use the Products in the interim but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding something or if what I've discovered is reality. Thanks in advance for your time!
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