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  1. Currently it is not respecting HTML. I have a link in the product description that shows when viewing a particular product but is being marked down to normal text (including the loss of a newline) on the landing page.
  2. There is currently no way to put a member (or group of members) product purchase (that renews) on pause. Even with the REST API, I'm unable to do this. I sell access to software that sometimes has downtime or issues and I want to mass compensate my users for the downtime by adding to their expiration date. There's no way to pause or manually update this without going into every single user who has purchased the product and doing it one by one which is going to be pretty rough.
  3. There really is a LOT lacking within the commerce piece of this platform. I was able to get more flexibility from vBulletin subscriptions 12 years ago than what I can do with this platform in 2020. It's really frustrating.
    This fit my exact use case for what I needed on my site.
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