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    I purchased this plugin recently and it does what it is supposed to do minus the "contact us" link at the bottom of your page. So for 20 bucks. It's worth the purchase. Just don't expect it to replace the default IPS commerce system. If you still want tickets to show up in your commerce system and want to use this plugin to compliment the default commerce system, this plugin does nothing more than allow you to create a form and set up departments and then it delivers the form to specified location of your forum. The reason my rating is low is because I was asking the developer for a few added custom features to be added to his plugin and he wanted to charge me an additional 27 dollars for it while he basically gave you all the features I requested for free. He asked me to make a donation of 27 dollars for this plugin he was going to update with the features I requested. I didn't want to give him the 27 dollars. I agreed on 20 while understanding that the price wouldn't change on the marketplace once he updated the plugin for all of you guys. So that's why my rating is low for him. I recommend you don't ask this developer for custom plugins because he's going to screw you over like he was trying to do to me. I have the proof if anyone is interested! Edit: No Sir, don't call me a liar. Anyway, I've reported you to IPS support and they know what the conversation is. I'm not mad that your plugin doesn't do what I wanted in addition to what I asked but I'm disappointed how you would give the updated stuff to the IPS community free of charge and since I couldn't give you the 27 and only the 20 you said no. To me that didn't make any sense and it was rather selfish. I just gave an honest review.. I'm not condemning your work... just your character.
  1. For some reason... your plugin didn't disable or replace the "contact us" link for IPS's system. If possible, I'd like to talk to you via pm if its no trouble.
  2. @Adriano FariaIs it alright if I pm you?
  3. Hello @Adriano Faria. I bought your plugin yesterday. I really like it! I have a question though... well, two actually. First question is; I still have the contact us link at the bottom of my forum but if I disable it then I can't use the systems default ticket system. Is there a way to make both systems work together? For instance. Your plugin just creates a forum topic when the form is submitted.... IPS's contact us link has no form but when you use it, it creates a ticket. Last question... Can you get your plugin to work with the system also? That way it alerts on the forum and also creates the ticket in the system so my members will be able to go to the support link to see their ticket while your plugin created the topic as it should, so my team knows there's help needed without needing to be logged into AdminCP.
  4. Sup brother, is this plugin ready for 4.5 yet?
  5. Hello @Fosters, Thanks for making this application. We're thinking about purchasing it and I am wondering what you meant by "Removed support for IPS < 4.5.0" in the changelog? Do you support 4.5.1 currently? That's what we're running. Also it is mobile friendly? Thanks in advance!
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